10 articles that will transform your dog’s health and life

Seize the moment, do not miss the opportunity

Today’s piece contains some of the most important info from the past few months, so if you’ve missed anything this is another opportunity to keep your dog in great health.

If you have been reading my weekly news over the past few weeks, you have probably heard me say:

Whenever unsure, look at what nature does.

But, there is one more thing that I forgot to mention when aspiring to this natural wisdom. Nature is not always about “doing something”, it is also about doing “nothing.” Seasons are a good example, as we see periods of blossoming and a harvest are followed by fall’s retreat and winter’s rest.

For as long as I remember, I’ve felt rather conflicted about resting and doing nothing,

because I was taught that resting meant I was lazy. In fact, I don’t remember my parents, teachers, or trainers telling me that resting was okay but finally, after five decades, I am learning how to rest. This is mainly thanks to my team of awesome people who encourage me to do so.

Would you believe it?! My team is making me work less! They are amazing!

To clarify, to me resting doesn’t mean doing nothing, it is more like doing something I love, with no particular reason or purpose in mind.

Sometimes, I enjoy reflecting by going through the articles and posts I have created, and I am surprised at how much I have written about dog health and nutrition. It was me who wrote them, but it feels as if it were someone else. It almost feels like the dogs were “dictating” to me, and I just moved my fingers on the keyboard.

With that said, today I have prepared a summary of thought provoking, health igniting, and hopefully life extending articles for you and mainly your dog.

I like to believe that “the universe” knows with great accuracy what we need to learn, and this might be why you are reading these lines.

This may be your moment to seize this opportunity and learn something new to keep your beloved dog(s) healthy.  

But before I get into sharing the 10 articles of health transformation, I would like to share the message below because it inspired and nudged me to put this compilation together.

Isn’t it lovely!?  Anyhow, below are the 10 articles, and I hope they will make a difference in the life of your dog.

Seize the moment!


10 articles to help transform your dog’s health


Puppy Series Parts 1, 2 and 3

The world has puppy fever! With Covid restrictions still going strong, there has never been a better time to bring home a new puppy. But with new pups come new responsibilities, and A LOT of questions!

In this three part puppy series, you will learn a safer and healthier approach to:

PART 1: Puppy socialization and vaccines

PART 2: Feeding puppies – 15 mistakes people make

PART 3: Puppy behaviour, exercise and training

What if this were the last time?

It’s amazing how much difference a simple text saying, “We will miss you!” makes, especially when so many people feel alone these days. Here is a thoughtful reminder to reach out to your loved ones, give your dog a hug, and live every moment as if it were your last.

Read more here


Complete guide to natural tick prevention and Lyme disease in dogs 

If you’re as concerned about ticks as I am, you won’t want to miss this comprehensive guide to Lyme disease in dogs, including symptoms, disease-carrying ticks, and what to do if you find a tick on your dog (or yourself).

Find out why I would never use conventional treatments on my dog, and learn about natural, safe and non-toxic tick and flea prevention solutions that are just as effective.

Read more here


4 steps that prevent 80% of your dog’s health problems

A quick and easy refresher on how to create a healthy life for our dogs with natural food, essential supplements, a twice yearly detox, and making sure our dogs are mobile, active, and pain-free.

Read more here


A dog utopia like no other

Find out where I think the happiest place on earth is, and what freedom and allowing your dog to sleep on your bed have in common.

A thought-provoking read!


Nail injuries, and toe and nail bed tumours in dogs 

Sometimes, the way to deal with unpleasant things is to empower ourselves with knowledge! Discover the causes of toe tumours and how to prevent them, learn how to treat an injured nail, cut your dog’s nails properly, and stop your pup’s nails from bleeding in this complete guide to nail injuries and toe tumours in dogs.


5 most common causes of allergies in dogs and people

Lately, I have seen many people sneezing and sniffling, not because of COVID, but due to allergies. But not all allergies are true allergies. Learn how to recognize what is really going on, what causes allergies, and how the symptoms can be treated naturally.  

Read this 5 step plan


Your dog may be your mirror

Do you think that you and your dog are alike? From what I’ve seen, the longer dogs live with us, the more they’re “dialled into our energy field”.

Read my reflections on this topic here.


101+ things dog lovers worry about 

What is your biggest worry? If your dog is young, you may not be thinking about their future health, but as the years go by our worries tend to grow, especially around the “big C”.

Learn how to worry less, and what steps you can take to help prevent cancer in your dog.


Why giving is worth not giving up

It feels good to help others and be giving, but sometimes we can feel disappointed when it seems that our help is not truly appreciated.

Learn how to manage your own expectations around giving, and what giving back and bubble wrap have in common.

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