10 Best Snout Soothers For Westies

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Can your furry friend benefit from the best snout soothers for Westies? Dogs are known for their extraordinary sense of smell because of their remarkable noses. Unlike humans or any other mammal, dogs have the capability of smelling things from afar, sometimes up to 12 miles away. However, if your Westie is suffering from a dry or chapped nose, their sense of smell may worsen.

Many Westies suffer from crusty or dry snouts, so the best solution is to moisturize and nourish them. We selected ten of the best snout soothers for Westies that you can use to heal your pup’s nose and relieve their discomfort.

Best Snout Soothers for Westies

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Dry or cracked snouts can be irritating for your Westie and will disturb their sense of smell. To cure this, you need a snout soother that will give them instant relief while deeply moisturizing their snout. The Natural Dog Company has one of the best snout soothers on the market. It can be used on paws and noses, and it protects from dryness while simultaneously moisturizing the skin. Additionally, this snout soother is effective on Westies of all ages but is ideal for adult dogs. It only includes natural and organic ingredients like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, chamomile, and shea butter.

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The Nozzle Nectar Dog Nose balm is purely organic and does its job well. This balm not only protects from dryness and cracked noses but also heals and deeply moisturizes the skin. With only organic ingredients used, this balm has beeswax, olive oil, shea butter, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, almond oil, and coconut oil, all known for their extraordinary nourishing properties. This balm is safe to use on all dogs and doesn’t include anything that might harm your Westie.

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Burt’s Bees is a reputable name in the pet skincare industry, so they developed this all-natural paw and nose lotion to cure your Westie’s dry skin discomfort. This paw and nose lotion has a light creamy consistency and is easy to apply to your Westie. With ingredients like jojoba and rosemary, it quickly heals and nourishes dry or cracked noses. Furthermore, it’s free from sulfates and is completely safe to use on Westies of all ages. This lotion can effectively moisturize your pet’s nose and paws while relieving the discomfort caused by dryness.

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This nose butter by The Blissful Dog is enriched with shea butter and is proven to get rid of dry or cracked noses. It can moisturize and soften your Westie’s skin with its hydrating ingredients, which can relieve the pain of an itchy nose. Additionally, this nose butter is easy to apply and lasts long. It’s made with all-natural ingredients and is non-toxic. Thus, it’s safe if your Westie licks it off, and you can apply more as needed. When buying it, you can choose which dog breed you’d like to appear on the container.

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One of the causes of a cracked or itchy nose can be sunburn. This multi-purpose nose balm by My Dog Nose It! is not only a healing balm for your Westie’s dry nose because it also works like sunscreen. It has SPF to protect your Westie from harmful sun rays. This moisturizing balm is ideal for all ages and includes nourishing natural ingredients like coconut oil. This nose balm is safe, non-toxic, and effectively heals and hydrates your dog’s cracked nose. Human sunscreen is toxic for Westies, so this is the pet-safe option.

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Many Westie parents find stick balm containers easier to use than tin ones, so this organic nose balm is a great choice in that scenario. Pure and Natural Pet has developed this nose product to relieve your Westie’s discomfort and ease the pain of a dry or itchy nose. Formulated with only organic oils, this snout soother is free from fragrance and harmful chemicals. It’s safe and non-toxic for all dog breeds and suitable for all ages. It efficiently nourishes your Westie’s irritated nose, and the organic oils heal and restore dry skin.

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The 4Legger nose and paws healing balm can help you prepare for the dry skin winter brings. This balm will work like magic on your Westie’s dry nose and paws caused by cold weather. By using only natural and organic USDA-certified ingredients, this balm is safe if accidentally ingested by your Westie. It doesn’t include any harmful chemicals and is non-toxic. It works effectively against dry, itchy, or bleeding noses by deeply moisturizing and hydrating the skin for quicker healing. Additionally, this balm is rich in organic ingredients like shea butter and hemp oil. It’s proven to relieve conditions like folliculitis, alopecia, dermatitis, and hyperkeratosis.

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Healthy Breeds has developed this nose balm to relieve your Westie’s pain caused by an itchy or cracked nose. With the use of natural oils, beeswax, and shea butter, this nose balm soothes, moisturizes, and restores dry skin. It’s 100% organic and non-toxic, meaning your Westie can safely lick it without any consequences. Additionally, it’s free from fragrance, heals quickly, and offers a lasting effect. When buying it, you can choose what dog breed you want to appear on the container.

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The Bodhi Dog organic nose balm is one of the safest choices to heal and moisturize cracked noses. It only includes natural and organic ingredients like jojoba oil, olive oil, beeswax, and shea butter. This balm is proven effective against bleeding, cracked, or irritated noses. It’s safe and non-toxic, meaning your Westie can lick it off without getting sick. Additionally, it quickly heals and soothes your Westie’s skin, leaving them soft and moisturized.

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Westies can get moody because of their irritated or cracked snouts. In such situations, all you want is a magic trick to relieve your Westie from distress. The Snout Magic company knows how your Westie feels and has remedied the situation by developing this dog nose butter. This nose butter is made with only organic and natural ingredients and is recommended by vets. You can safely use this on dogs of all breeds and ages. This nose butter alleviates the symptoms of a dry or itchy nose caused by hyperkeratosis and heals the skin quickly.

Factors To Consider


While searching for the best snout soother for Westies, the first thing to check is the ingredients list. A nose balm should not contain any harsh chemicals that may further irritate their skin or cause stomach problems if ingested. Ingredients like castor oil should be avoided because even though it’s good for the skin, it’s not safe to swallow. Similarly, it’s advised to choose natural balms that only use organic ingredients since they’ll be better at healing and won’t have any risks involved.


Snout soothers come in a variety of packaging and textures. You can get nose butter, nose balm, or nose lotion, and some even come as a stick. Which one you choose depends on what you prefer. The smoother and softer the consistency, the easier it will likely be to apply.


Usually, having a fragrance in anything is considered a plus, but not for nose balms. Since snout soothers need to be applied directly to your Westie’s nose, even a mild scent can be irritating to them. You should avoid nose balms that have strong fragrances since they might make the condition worse. Additionally, the smell shouldn’t encourage your Westie to lick off the balm as soon as you apply it. It’s best to pick a fragrance-free nose balm.


Most snout soothers include organic ingredients that may have tempting smells or flavors. This can lead to your Westie licking it off. Thus, you should ensure that your chosen nose balm is non-toxic and doesn’t include ingredients that can be harmful to your Westie if ingested.

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Are Snout Soothers Safe for Westies?

Yes, snout soothers are completely safe for Westies and are quite helpful in healing their dry or crusty nose. Most snout soothers contain natural ingredients and are harmless if ingested. However, you should avoid balms that contain potentially harmful ingredients like castor oil.

Can You Use Snout Soothers on Paws?

Yes, snout soothers can be used on paws and will work effectively. However, it’s better to use a paw balm since they have anti-bacterial properties included specifically to use on paws.

How Do Snout Soothers Work?

When you suffer from dry or cracked skin, you use a moisturizer to nourish and heal your skin. A snout soother works similarly for a dog’s nose by hydrating and moisturizing them. They include natural ingredients like essential oils or butter to nourish and heal your Westie’s snout. Snout soothers are better than at-home remedies like Vaseline since they’re completely safe for your Westie.

Do Snout Soothers Expire?

No, most snout soothers don’t expire, but you should check the label to be sure. When exposed to extreme temperatures, the ingredients may separate, making the product less effective.

Can Humans Use Snout Soothers?

Yes, dog snout soothers may benefit a human’s chapped lips and dry skin. Snout balms as safe for Westies to ingest, so they’re safe for humans too.

Are Snout Soothers Safe for Cats?

Yes, most dog snout soothers are safe for all animals. So, if you have a cat with a dry nose, you can use a dog product to help. However, cats are less likely to get dry, crusty noses.


Snout soothers for Westies are necessary if your furry friend frequently suffers from a dry or irritated nose. A nose balm can moisturize and heal a damaged nose. However, you should make sure the balm you’re using for your Westie is safe and non-toxic. Also, it should include natural ingredients that will not further irritate your dog’s skin or stomach. The ideal snout soother will quickly heal your dog’s dry nose and moisturize it for better hydration. As a result, your Westie’s sense of smell may improve.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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