12 Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew

Ever wondered what your dog would say to you if she could talk? You may think she would just ask for more toys or for you hand over that steak, but in reality, she may say some pretty surprising things. What would your dog say?

#1 – When you scold me for something I did hours ago, I look guilty because of your tone of voice, not because I understand why you are mad at me.

Image source: @CortneyDean via Flickr

#2 –  I don’t like to be left alone all the time.

Image source: @CelsimJunior via Flickr

#3 – Sometimes when I bark at something, I may look tough, but I am actually scared. Take the time to learn the difference.

Image source: @grantlairdjr via Flickr


#4 – We should exercise more, it’s good for both of us.

Image source: @DonDeBold via Flickr

#5 – I love you just the way you are, so accept me for who I am and love me for me too, even if I am not perfect.

Image source: @TotalVerhext via Flickr

#6 – I would rather work for rewards than work for fear of punishment. (wouldn’t you?)

Image source: @CrystalRolfe via Flickr

#7 – Being a creature of habit, it’s easier on me if you keep the rules the same….so am I allowed on the couch or not?

Image source: @JeremyBronson via Flickr

#8 – When I ask you to play, it’s for your benefit just as much as mine, so don’t ignore it.

Image source: @MajaDumat via Flickr

#9 – I can’t always show you when I am not feeling well, so make sure I got to the vet regularly to be sure everything is fine….even if I complain about going.

Image source: @AustinCommunitycollege via Flickr

#10 – Don’t abandon me when I get old or sick – that’s when I need you the most. I wouldn’t abandon you.

Image source: @HubertFiguiere via Flickr

#11 – I don’t need an “alpha pack leader,” I need a loving family member who can teach me the rules of living with a human.

Image source: @AndreaArden via Flickr

#12 – Just because I am a dog does not mean I want to meet every person or every dog. Do you want to say hello to everyone you pass on the street? If I am shy and don’t want to say hi, leave me be.

Image source: @MariposaVeterinaryWellness via Flickr


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