23 Cute & Funny Posts That Describe The Wonder Of Cats & Dogs

No matter how many times we scour our trusty dictionary and its buddy, the thesaurus, we’ll never run out of ways to describe the wonder of cats and dogs! Because there are so many wonderful words to describe our furry besties, let’s start at the beginning of the alphabet and speak their praises.

First, we must mention cats and dogs are simply adorable. Beautiful and brave, dogs win the day and our hearts. Tabby cat gentlemen always have the most charming air. Dashing hounds make for the finest company. The elegant ways of kitties make us love them so! Ok, you get the point. Now, let’s have some pawrents tell more of the story of their cats and dogs via social media!

Social Media Has the Best Things to Say About Cats & Dogs  

#1 – Sound on for the most satisfying cronches

#2 – It smells, but it’s love.

sometimes. i don’t know what to do. with all my love. occasionally it overflows. in the form of a burp

— Thoughts of Dog® (@dog_feelings) November 30, 2021

#3 – He knows where you’ve been sleeping…

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A post shared by TeddyFeed (@teddyfeed)

#4 – The resemblance is astounding.

#5 – You’re gonna knead to read this if you love cat biscuits…

Obsessed with this Reddit thread of what people call cats making biscuits in languages other than English 🐱🐱🐱🐾🐾🐾 https://t.co/Kz8lIbuiXs pic.twitter.com/CH9PYQ9Vnr

— Sophie Beer – How to Say Hello out NOW! (@sophiebeerdraws) November 20, 2021

#6 – More striking similitude

#7 – Oh Walter, we love your tie!

@walter.the.catt I think that’s a yes 😂 #catsoftiktok #cat #foryourpage ♬ original sound – Walter 🐅

#8 – Such talent.

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A post shared by DOGS 🐶 (@nicestdog)

#9 – You shall not pass until you see this cat!

Fly you fools pic.twitter.com/Ifo7rxcV7E

— Ben Yahr (@benyahr) November 20, 2021

#10 – If you need us, we’ll be making moon doggies for the rest of the day…

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A post shared by DOG MEMES (@dogmemes)

#11 – Do you see a cat? We sure do!

#12 – Is it Dog Meats Food in your house too? (must click to see doggo)

#13 – It’s all for you, Butternut…

#14 – It’s ruff out there…

Got a new leash today and put it on my dog and said “Looks like someone got a new leash on life!” and she didn’t even give me a courtesy chuckle. Smdh.

— Chris Hayes (@chrislhayes) November 24, 2021

#15 – Gettin’ swol.

#16 – They’re the best boys!

@fjerryA couple of good boys #fyp #4u #dog #comedy♬ original sound – FJerry

#17 – Marshmallows tussling…baby beans…a stripey tummy…so much kitten delight

#18 – Prayers for Poncho…

#19 – Ah, but he’s the cutest little villain!

this cat looks like he just tied a damsel to some railroad tracks pic.twitter.com/2P0SdbUW2A

— an english human (@English_Channel) November 23, 2021

#20 – Don’t know where they’re headed, but let’s go!

#21 – That sweet kitty would never hurt a fly…

#22 – #kissyourdogonhead, and you won’t be disappointed!

@taffyanju His reaction 😭😭 #kissyourdogonhead ♬ original sound – Tiffany Nonaka

#23 – Watch until the end; you’ll be stunned…

So, as you can see, with such a plethora of adjectives to describe their very being and adverbs to illuminate their every adorable deed, we’ll never run out of ways to profess our love for the cats and dogs that make our lives so marvelous. Need more furry ones? Then you need these 21 Hilarious Cat & Dog Posts To Help You Get Your Fill Of Laughter!

Feature Image: @teddyfeed/Instagram & Dog Memes Galore/Facebook

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