23 Famous People Who Are Obsessed With Their Dogs Too

Most of us dog lovers have no shame about calling our love for our dogs an obsession. Even though they’re on display virtually all the time, these famous people are proudly obsessed with their dogs too, and they certainly let it show.

Here are 23 celebrities who love their dogs and love letting the world know! These days, you can follow most of them on social media for confirmation.

1 – Amanda Seyfried


If you’re a fan of Seyfried’s, you’re also a fan of her dog Finn. The actress frequently gushes about him on social media, and he goes with her to sets.

2 – Bethenny Frankel


The Skinnygirl founder and CEO loves her tiny white pooches Biggy and Smallz, who even have their own Instagram account.

3 –John Travolta


Grease and Pulp Fiction star Travolta goes full dad mode when it comes to his little dog.

4 – Demi Moore


Apparently, there’s no such thing as too many dogs for the Ghost actress.

5 – Oprah Winfrey


The former talk show host has had over 20 dogs throughout her life, and she’s completely obsessed with all of them. Oprah’s three current dogs all came from a shelter in Chicago.

6 – Dolly Parton


Dolly just adores her Boston Terrier Popeye. She even credits the dog with saving her life during a particularly low period.

7 – Chrissy Teigen & John Legend


The couple has four dogs, having recently said goodbye to their fifth, Frenchie Pippa. They’re definitely a dog-obsessed family!

8 Jimmy Buffett


Leave it to Buffett to love a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, one of the most laid-back breeds there is.

9 – Kate Hudson


The actress and Fabletics founder has three rescue dogs ranging in size: a little Shih Tzu, an Australian Shepherd, and a large Doberman.

10 – Kristen Bell


As I’ve written in the past, the Frozen and The Good Place actress is a huge advocate for animal rescue. She has several rescues and even saves senior dogs.

11 – Olivia Munn


Munn’s two rescue dogs are famous in their own right. She’ll take any opportunity to share more photos of them on her own page too.

12 – Paris Hilton


It’s hard to even picture the heiress without a tiny dog in her arms (or shoulder bag.) Hilton loves her miniature pups!

13 – Tony Bennett


Even the 95-year-old singer had to post photos of himself with his little dog on National Dog Day. Bennett’s dog Buddy is 14 years old.

14 – Selena Gomez


The singer/actress calls cuddling with her dog Winnie her “happy place.”

15 – Priyanka Chopra


The actress and her singer husband Nick Jonas have three rescues: Diana the Chihuahua, Gino the German Shepherd, and Panda the blue and brown-eyed Shepherd/Husky mix. Chopra is so obsessed; she even got tattoos dedicated to her rescue dogs.

16 – Mandy Patinkin


The relationship Patinkin has with his pup is the absolute sweetest thing you’ll ever see. This man certainly adores his dog like she’s his human child.

17 – Chris Evans


Evans’ obsession with his rescue dog Dodger melts hearts worldwide. He even admitted he joined Instagram just to share pictures of his dog. #Relatable.

18 – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


The actor/wrestler/Renaissance man totally fawns over his little Frenchie Hobbs. He’s a softie for a Frenchie!

19 – Ariana Grande


The “Positions” and “No Tears Left To Cry” singer is obsessed with her many rescue dogs. Little Toulouse even made it into her Vogue photoshoot!

Grande also started her own animal rescue foundation during the pandemic to give the love back.

20 – Justin Theroux


If you don’t already know how obsessed the actor is with his Pittie Kuma, you’ve been missing out. The Pittie was rescued from Austin Pets Alive, so she and her dad advocate for rescue together.

21 – Camila Cabello


The “Havana” singer and star of Amazon Prime’s new Cinderella movie is not shy about how much she loves her black Shepherd mix.

22 – Patrick Stewart


The Star Trek and X-Men actor makes his love for rescuing Pit Bulls widely known.

23 – Tom Hardy


Even Bane himself can’t resist the sweet face of a dog. Hardy obsesses over his pups, and in fact, pretty much everyone else’s too.

Featured Image: Instagram/Instagram/Twitter

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