5 Best Dog DNA Test Kit for Pet Parent

Dog DNA tests are like 23andMe for your furry family member. Only one stands out from the pack!

With adoptions on the rise and nearly three quarters of U.S. households owning a pet, it makes sense that we, as pet parents, are eager to find the answers to all things dog. Recent studies have found that mixed-breed dogs represent more than half of all dogs who share our homes — more than any single purebreed. The mixed-breed dog truly is America’s dog!

If your mixed-breed pup has really unique markings, curious behavioral tendencies, or chronic health issues, you can’t help but wonder where those traits came from. Are Poodle-like curls a sign that your dog could be hypoallergenic? Is your puppy nipping your ankles and herding your kids because they’re part Cattle Dog? Does your fluffy, escape artist have husky genes? Are those Dalmatian spots? What type of dog do I have?

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