A New dog safety page for every dog lover

First aid & injuries, summer safety, and toxic plants

I am not sure how you feel when you take a few days off, but I have this habit of feeling guilty about it and needing to justify the fact that I didn’t work. I wonder if this classifies me as a workaholic? Hmm.

After a few days of not sitting at the computer, I feel very happy to sit down and connect with you.

My team and I have created a dog safety page that has a whole bunch of information on how to keep your dog safe, including:

What to have in your first aid kit
What plants are safe to have at home, and which ones are toxic
How to convert outdoor temperatures to better understand the danger of leaving your dog in the car when it’s hot
What you need to be aware of when walking your dog on asphalt surfaces


It is much better to equip yourself with knowledge, and take the road of least regret,
than it is to miss important info until
one day you have to rush your dog to an emergency clinic.

Why the red colour?  
Because I need you to remember this with regards to any health issue!


Click here to see what we have prepared for you.


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