Abuse Survivor Makes It To The American Humane Hero Dog Semifinals!

An incredible pup named Boone refuses to let his disabilities get him down. Coming from a previous life filled with heartache and abuse, Boone is defying the odds in every way!

Boone is a loving Beagle that was rescued from a heartbreaking situation. His previous owners left him with scars he could never forget, both physical and mental. For a reason that we couldn’t possibly fathom, Boone’s previous owner cut off his back legs.


Boone somehow survived the trauma, and was soon taken in by a loving rescue. After making his way to a couple in Pennsylvania that cares for disabled furry friends, Boone finally received his second chance at life. Boone settled into his new life in no time, quickly learning how wonderful it is to be truly loved.

Boone’s new mom, Tanya, started a charity named Joey’s Paws to raise money for dogs in need of wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs. Boone got his own set of wheels soon after meeting his forever family, and is now the face of the charity!


With his new wheels in tow, Boone was ready to make a difference in the world. He soon completed training to become a certified therapy dog, aiming to help other pets and humans with struggles similar to his.


Boone now spends his time visiting children’s hospitals and putting a smile on the face of everyone he meets. Boone even has his own children’s book dedicated to telling his story (Bow Tie Boone), showing children just how important it is to never give up. Boone’s fur mom was so inspired by his strength, that she created this incredible book in his honor.

His resilience and loving heart are why he is now in the semifinals of the Humane Hero Dog Awards. This competition brings attention to “ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things,” meaning Boone fits the criteria perfectly!

Click here to learn about all the incredible semifinalists and cast your vote for Boone! Voting will continue until July 15th.



Boone’s incredible story is gaining recognition around the country, spreading the word on just how incredible of a pup he really is. If you want to keep up with Boone and his journey to the finals, you can follow him on Instagram here. You can also soak in his impressive collection of bow ties, making for so many adorable photos. Good luck, Bow Tie Boone!

H/T: pittsburgh.cbslocal.com
Image Source: a.miracle.named.boone/Insta

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