Actor Chris Evans Reveals What He & His Rescue Pup Do “On A Saturday Night”

Actor Chris Evans has revealed what he does every Saturday night — and as it turns out, he’s not that different from the rest of us. He plays with his dog. 

In a recent Instagram post, Evans shared a video of his rescued pooch, Dodger, playing with a button toy. He’s trained Dodger to press different buttons that they say words like “treat” and “play.” 

In the video, Dodger is shown pressing his paw onto the button and looking excited when it speaks to him. Plenty of treats were also involved, which is probably how Evans got the dog to perform the cute trick in the first place. 

Image: Chris Evans/ Instagram

Regardless, the video is absolutely adorable. 

“I kept seeing videos of these touchpads for dogs so I figured I’d give them a shot,” Evans captioned the video. “After a couple [of] days of training, he began connecting the dots.”

Evans adopted Dodger from a shelter in Savannah, Georgia, and recently posted about the first moment he saw him in honor of National Rescue Dog Day. A video shows Evans reaching his hand into Dodger’s kennel — and the dog won’t stop wagging his tail and licking Evans through the fence. 

Image: Chris Evans/ Instagram

“This is the moment I met Dodger,” Evans said about the video. “I was filming a movie in Savannah and the scene took place at a shelter. I had no intention of rescuing a dog that day, but the minute I saw him I knew he was coming home with me.”

Evans encouraged people to adopt shelter dogs in the post. It’s clear that he found a lifelong friend out of the process from the moment they met. 

“There are so many loving animals at shelters who are in desperate need of a home,” Evans continued. “Visit a shelter and leave with a best friend.”

Image: Chris Evans/ Instagram

Evans is clearly a proud dog dad. His Instagram is flooded with photos and videos of Dodger — and the actor’s fans can’t get enough of the pooch either. His most recent button trick has the internet swooning over the dog (and surely over Evans as well). 

“This video is from a couple days ago when he was just starting to understand that the buttons are buttons,” Evans captioned the video of Dodger. “He’s already made so much progress and I laugh out loud every time I hear him press one. I thought ‘treat’ would be the most used. Turns out it’s ‘play’ and I love that about him. This is what I do on a Saturday night.”

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Featured Image: Chris Evans/ Instagram

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