Adorable Puppy Gives Her Dad Kisses Even When He’s Not Home

For many dogs, being away from their humans is the hardest thing ever. They don’t understand that we need to work and run errands to support them. So, many dogs, especially those adopted during the pandemic, suffer from separation anxiety.

But one dog parent named Scott has a clever way of interacting with his puppy while he’s gone. He has a Ring camera, which allows him to see into his house and talk to his Mini Goldendoodle named Bella when he’s not home. 6-month-old Bella has the cutest reaction to hearing her dad’s voice!

Image: Screenshot, Ring YouTube

Puppy Kisses are the Cutest!

In viral video footage from Scott’s ring camera, Scott calls Bella’s name and asks where she is. The puppy runs out from the kitchen and immediately recognizes his voice. She looks around but seems disappointed when she doesn’t see him.

First, she walks to the door and puts her paws on it. But when no one comes through the door, she turns to the camera. She looks directly into the lens as if she’s gazing into her dad’s eyes. After he says her name a few times, she gives the camera a big kiss. Of course, it was meant for her dad.

“I thought it was pretty cute how she was looking for me and then found the camera I was speaking to her from,” Scott said.

Image: Screenshot, Ring YouTube

As he keeps talking to Bella, she keeps staring into the camera lovingly. Then, she leans forward and gives the camera another kiss. Scott reminds the pup that he’ll be home soon, and then she looks like she’s about to go back to doing her own thing. It’s adorable how just hearing his voice seems to make sweet little Bella so much happier.

Ways to Prevent Separation Anxiety

While Bella loves hearing her human talk through the camera, not all dogs will have the same reaction. A few people in the comments said that talking to their dogs through the camera only stressed them out. It must be confusing to hear someone’s voice but not know where they are.

Image: Screenshot, Ring YouTube

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, there are a lot of other ways to help. Here are some tips:

Walk your dog before you leave.
Leave out items that smell like you, such as recently worn clothes.
Practice leaving your dog alone for shorter periods first.
Don’t make it a big deal when you leave and come back.
Give them background noise, like the radio or TV.

To help your pup feel comfortable without you, training is important. Get your dog used to being home alone to prevent them from having anxious or destructive behaviors.

Of course, not all dogs have a problem with being alone. Bella seems very comfortable having the house to herself. Although she loves to give her dad kisses even when he’s not home!

Watch Bella’s Adorable Reaction Here:

Featured Image: Screenshot, Ring YouTube

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