Adorable Rescue Dog Begs To Play Outside With Backyard Bears

Hanging a bell by an outside door is a common training tool pet parents use to enable their pup to let them know when they want to go outside. When your dog needs to do their business, they sit or stand by the door and ring the bell. This skirts the nudging, scratching, barking, or any other sign your pup may use to alert you of their wishes. Commonly, a small bell or even a set of sleigh bells is placed by the door, and the pup is trained to ring the bell when ready.

But when Tiffany Kress installed a small bell by the back door of her California home for her adorable rescue dog named Daisy, she sure didn’t expect to see what would happen next.

Image Credit: tiffanynoelkress / Instagram

One day, Tiffany was going about her usual business when Daisy started ringing the bell and pawing at the door. Tiffany scanned her backyard before opening the door and was shocked to see a family of three hairy visitors hanging out in her backyard. It was three bears, and from a distance, it appeared to be a mother and two cubs. 

“We see these bears almost every day and often multiple times a day behind our house. But they finally decided to come over the wall and drop in for a dip in the pool,” writes Tiffany.

Image Credit: tiffanynoelkress / Instagram

The video shows the mother bear relaxing in the water while her two young cubs play behind her. The rowdy siblings bat at each other with their arms and then explore the landscaping adorning the pool area. All three of them appear to be enjoying themselves. The footage is absolutely adorable. Between tiny Daisy begging to go out and play with their unexpected backyard guests and the family of bears playing together, it’s quite a charming scene.

Image Credit: tiffanynoelkress / Instagram

Finally, after her cubs scurry off-screen, their beautiful mother pulls herself out of the pool and follows them out of the backyard. Tiffany explained that bear sightings on her property have become increasingly frequent since the “Bobcat Fire in 2020.” The fire destroyed a large area of the bears’ habitat in the Angeles National Forest. 

“I just knew [that day] was the day they were going to come into the yard and pool. They came back a few more times to swim in the following weeks but they’ve been playing in other parts of our town lately,” said Tiffany.

Image Credit: tiffanynoelkress / Instagram

Daisy is a six-month-old rescue pup who was born in foster care after her mother was saved from the streets of Tijuana, Mexico while pregnant with her. She was adopted by Tiffany and her husband back in April of this year. Perhaps the family of bears simply wanted to check whether the pool temperature was “just right?” You can view the original footage below.

Featured Image: tiffanynoelkress / Instagram

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