After 200 Days & One Billboard Campaign, Senior Shelter Dog Finally Finds A Home

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in animal rescue is seeing incredible dogs spend day after day in the shelter until they’ve been there for months (even years) without interest. So many loving dogs get passed over because they can’t show their best selves from inside a kennel.

That was the sad predicament a senior dog named Cano found himself in. The 9-year-old was taken to Orange County Animal Services after he was found tied up behind an animal hospital, “all alone and very fearful.” 200 days later, he remained in that shelter.


Cano’s Rescue And Long Term Stay

Poor Cano had a difficult time adjusting to life in the shelter, largely due to his fear and distrust of other dogs. He also needed a family willing to adopt a senior dog with no other animals at home.


In an August 2021 Facebook post, OCAS expressed some optimism that those people were out there:

“We get it – we’re basically looking for a unicorn adopter here; someone willing to take in a senior dog who doesn’t currently have any pets of their own. That person is a rare find, but we know they are out there.”

The shelter continued to post about him, sharing videos that demonstrate his love of people. Cano’s smiling face was even plastered onto billboards.


In spite of all their efforts to find this boy a home, nothing worked. OCAS shared:

“He even had his own billboard campaign! And still, no one seemed interested. We could not figure out why, because we had tried everything.”

“Finally On His Way To Happiness”

Nearly 7 months later, Cano’s time finally came. The Rodriguez family, who had seen Cano’s billboard many times, came to the shelter.
“They saw he was a sweet senior dog, eager to be loved. They couldn’t bear the thought of Cano spending another day without a home. So they opened up theirs to him.”

OCAS described that fateful day when Cano was adopted, and it will melt your heart:

“Our volunteers and staff all said, it was as if he knew. From the moment he was taken out, there was a sigh of relief and a weight lifted. Cano was placed gently inside his new family’s vehicle, and he just leaned into their love. Closed his eyes and relaxed. He was finally on his way to happiness. He was finally on his way home.”

Those “unicorn” adopters do exist, and thanks to the shelter’s dedicated efforts to finding them for Cano, he’ll live the rest of his life surrounded by love, not kennel bars.

H/T: People
Featured Image: Facebook

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