Almost every dog is deficient in essential minerals

How to avoid premature aging in your dog

Perhaps you are an exception, but most people are not aware that most dogs lack essential minerals, which leads to dehydration and premature aging.

The body needs minerals to maintain the right osmotic balance (electrolyte concentration) and it constantly regulates water volume to achieve the optimal osmotic pressure of body fluids.

When minerals are missing, the kidneys automatically reduce the water volume in the body. This leads to dehydration, disease and premature aging.

When I look at HairQ test (our mineral and heavy metal test) results, they are very different for dogs that do not get essential plant-based minerals and those who do. It is shocking to see that pretty much every dog not receiving supplements is severely depleted in nutrients. These dogs appear to age faster and become more stiff, immobile and sick as a consequence of this depletion. 

Why plain wholesome food is no longer enough

In a perfect world, a wide variety of food would keep your dog’s body nourished and no supplements would be required. The problem is, due to intensive agriculture, minerals and nutrients do not get recycled back into the soil, leading to a lack of minerals in the whole food chain.


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This is true even in dogs that get the highest quality pet food including a natural raw diet!

When I started my company, I originally had no plans to formulate and offer supplements. However, when I saw how serious the problem of mineral depletion was, I decided to formulate a plant-based mineral supplement.

I knew this supplement would have to:

Be made from top quality human-grade, certified organic ingredients whenever possible
Contain a full spectrum of minerals in the purest and most bio-available plant-based form
Provide a full spectrum of essential amino acids
Contain chlorophyll to keep your dog’s body free of toxins and heavy metals
nourish and cleanse the body gently
Make dogs energetic, alive and happy

People often ask me what is the first step in keeping their dog healthy. The answer is simple. The first step is to find out what minerals are missing and the second step is to supplement your dog’s food with GreenMin and other essential supplements

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