ANNOUNCEMENT! New H+ line multivitamin for you

I have great news today!

This summer, my team and I have been busy launching our H+ human line of supplements.

How are they different from our dog products?
The products are formulated for you!

The same quality ingredients, the same glass packaging, plastic-free lids, shipped in cardboard eco-sleeves, and most of all the same rigorous quality testing and satisfaction guarantee.

The H+ line was born from the idea that dogs need their people to be well, plus, I have had a keen interest in human nutrition for the past 30 years.

Perhaps it is okay to humble-brag a little,

with a huge dose of gratitude for the fact that at the age of 57, I am on ZERO pharmaceutical drugs, have had no injuries that have not healed, am fully mobile, can touch my toes, scratch my back, do a hand stand, and the same number shows up on the scale today as when I was 20.

I am not necessarily saying that good supplements and nutrition will stop time. I have wrinkles and show more “wisdom” in my face!🤣 

But, I believe that healthy food and high quality supplements are a big part of the equation, which is the reason why I LOVE to SHARE what I have learned with you.

That said, I have also hired expert human supplement formulators to help me finely tune, what I hope will be, one of the best supplement lines available to you.

So now, in addition to FeelGood Omega H+GreenMin H+ and NMNPure H+, I would like to introduce another ally on your journey towards greater health and longevity:

I will not make this too long, as you can read the product details on our website, I will just highlight a few important pieces of info.

SoulFood H+ is a complete, fermented multivitamin.

Unlike traditional multivitamins, SoulFood H+ also contains fermented superfoods and organ support you can see on the image below. 

Why Fermented Nutrients?

Fermentation is the holy grail of supplement production, because it increases: 

potency of vitamins and natural superfoods
anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties
anti-cancer effects

During the fermentation process vitamins bind to the bioprotein matrix of the probiotic medium, which effectively turns them into whole-food supplements. 

This is one of the reasons, why SoulFood H+ (and also SoulFood for dogs) does not cause stomach upsets, unlike conventional vitamins.

SoulFood H+ is here, and
I hope you will give it a try and feel the difference!
Let’s strive to live healthier and longer lives together!

Our human line isn’t yet available in Canada, but we are working on it!

Note: Quantity discounts will be applied automatically with the purchase of multiple products.

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