Authorities Break Into Home And Brutally Kill Woman’s Dog While She Quarantines

WARNING: Content my be sensitive to some readers.

In many cases, it’s good to be cautious, but some instances take it way too far. One woman’s dog was killed as a way to sanitize her home, and it was completely unnecessary. She received no warning of her dog’s death until it was too late.

When the woman went into quarantine after being exposed to COVID, she had to leave her dog behind at her China residence. Authorities went to disinfect all the residencies in the community but failed to mention that pets wouldn’t be safe. Now, the woman is devastated after finding out that the people who were supposed to protect her killed her Corgi instead.

Emergency Quarantine

The woman’s community went into lockdown after a handful of individuals tested positive for COVID-19. As part of China’s safety precautions, all residents were moved to a hotel to quarantine for two weeks. They refused to allow pets to come to the hotel, even though the woman never tested positive for COVID. Officials reassured her that her dog would be there when she returned.

While the residents were gone, authorities entered the homes to disinfect the rooms. They had asked everyone to leave their doors unlocked. Yet, the woman’s door had been locked and needed to be opened by force. After the incident, the woman saw security footage of what happened when officials broke into her home. She was horrified.

The innocent Corgi was sleeping when two people in hazmat suits entered. One person held a crowbar while the other had a plastic bag. They moved the table that the Corgi was hiding under, but the terrified dog sprinted into the other room. The two people followed closely.

“The dog tried to avoid the beating and fled into the bedroom, and therefore it wasn’t recorded by surveillance camera, but [I] could hear faint wails. A few minutes later, they said they’ve dealt with it and would take it away, holding a yellow plastic bag in their hands,” said the owner.

Dog Lovers Beg for Justice

Later, the local government confirmed that they killed the dog to “thoroughly disinfect” the apartment. China’s law allows animals to be killed during pandemics if infected with the virus, but that only applies to livestock, not dogs and cats. Plus, the woman and her dog never tested positive, and the dog’s death was unnecessarily brutal and inhumane. So, dog lovers fought back.

At first, the woman was pressured by authorities and her employer to delete her posts about the incident. But after people continued to complain about it, the Xinzhou district government in Shangrao issued an apology. However, it’s still not enough. They can’t bring the woman’s dog back, and animal lovers want to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

“The workers have been reprimanded and moved to other posts, apologies have been made to the pet owner,” the government wrote on social media.

Sadly, this isn’t the only time pets have been killed without warning as “safety precautions.” Several other animals in China have died this way, along with a group of rescue puppies in Australia. Of course, safety is important, but not if it doesn’t keep all our family members safe. Our furry friends deserve to stay protected and loved by our sides no matter what we’re going through.


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