Toddler Who Used To Have 100 Seizures Daily Desperately Needs Service Dog

Service dogs are crucial to many people’s lives, but sadly, not all families can afford them. A family from Southgate, Michigan is facing this problem after their daughter was born with a rare form of epilepsy. 19-month-old Emery Nisbett has the genetic mutation EEF1A2, which makes her have regular epileptic seizures. She also has learning […]

Drive-Thru Dog Video Delights Some And Outrages Others

If you’ve ever sat in line at a drive-thru, especially for your morning cup of coffee, you know how the wait can be excruciating. It’s frustrating to be so close yet so far away. Well, a video of one super excited drive-thru dog, who simply couldn’t wait a single extra second for their special Starbucks […]

Dog Found Guarding Deceased Owner Has Been Without A Home For 2 Years

Two years ago in 2019, a fiercely loyal dog named Dillon was found lying beside his deceased person. The poor pup refused to leave the man’s side, “still protecting his body until the very end.” This devoted 9-year-old canine now resides at a National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) shelter in Cornwall, England. Alone in his […]

These 25 Funny Posts About Cats & Dogs Have Us Feeling Thankful

It’s time to count our blessings this Thanksgiving, and when writing out the list of special joys you’re thankful for, don’t forget to put your cats and dogs at the top of the list. Oh, who are we kidding! We know the puppers and kitties are the first entries on all our lists! As our […]

“DogPhone” Allows Your Lonely Dog To Call While You’re Away

Technology is constantly improving, including pet products. There are lots of ways we can interact with our dogs when we’re not home, but there aren’t any ways for dogs to initiate the interactions. So, researchers have come up with a way for dogs to contact us, and it’s called the DogPhone. The DogPhone is an […]

Tilly’s Incredible Transformation Charms The Internet

There’s nothing like a jarring before and after photo to indicate the importance of animal rescue. A recent post in the subreddit r/pics (simply: “a place for pictures and photographs”) went viral precisely for that reason. Reddit user “h-h-c” shared photos of their dog Tilly, with two depicting her pre-rescue and one showing what she looks […]

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