Brave Dog Takes Two Rattlesnake Bites Protecting His Person

Harbison Canyon, California is home to Alex Loredo and his best friend Marley, a 7-year-old yellow Lab. Unfortunately for these two, it’s also home to rattlesnakes. Though they are typically rare, rattlesnake bites can be deadly.

One day while exiting their home, a foot and a half long rattler appeared next to Loredo and Marley. Marley didn’t hesitate for a moment to defend his human from this threat.

Alex Loredo via GoFundMe

Loredo described the scary situation:

As I am walking out the door, to my left side, I hear a big rattle. But before I could even turn, Marley had ran between us. Marley basically pushed me out of the way. He barks a few time at the snake.”

Poor Marley’s brave actions didn’t go without consequence. He received two venomous bites for his intervention.

“The snake lunges at him and bites him right on the tongue. It lunged again and bit him on the lip.”

Marley accepted this severe bodily harm to keep his human safe. Still in shock, Loredo was able to get him inside, where the poor hero collapsed in pain.

A Race Against Time

Panicking, Loredo rushed Marley to the nearest veterinarian 5 miles away. Unfortunately, that clinic didn’t have a vaccine, so they had to go to a pet hospital 25 miles away. By this time, Marley was not doing so hot.

“Marley’s face started to swell up and he began to start having breathing complications. Blood also began to start pouring from his mouth. I was so scared and tried to keep my cool and think fast because time was not on our side.”

Alex Loredeo/GoFundMe Click here to see photo. Warning: injury

Fortunately, Loredo called the hospital ahead of time to check Marley in, so by the time they arrived they were ready for him. All the while, Loredo worried deeply about his best friend and savior.

“I thought he wasn’t going to make it. Extremely grateful that he did.”

Doing Anything And Everything For His Best Friend And Hero

The vet let Loredo know Marley would have to stay several days in the hospital due to his condition. They also worried the venom in his tongue could affect his nervous system.

Veterinary treatments can get really expensive, and with this much care needed the costs for Marley’s treatment were through the roof. Loredo emptied his savings account to pay for them.

“The hospital gave me an estimate of $9000 to treat Marley with the possibility of him surviving not not being guaranteed. I am a full time student at a community college working part time at a restaurant. I clearly cannot afford the hospital bills but I was going to give my best friend a fighting chance.”

Alex Loredo via GoFundMe

Loredo set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help cover the expenses. The page has already exceeded its fundraising goal of $8,000. Many are touched by the strong relationship these two have. Loredo explained:

“Marley was given to me to help me [lose] weight because I was having health issues. Marley was my cardio partner because of his immense amount of energy. Thanks [to] months of walking and playing with him, I notice my health complications began to go away and I was motivated to continue to lose weight.”

Ultimately, Marley is lucky to be alive, and so is Loredo, thanks to him.

“Marley means the world to me. He is not only is he my best friend, he is the brave hero that saved my life from a rattle snake. If it wasn’t for him I don’t know if I would have the opportunity to be here today.”

For some tips on rattlesnake safety especially in regards to your dog, check this out.

H/T: ABC 10 News
Featured Image: Alex Loredo via GoFundMe

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