Chrissy Teigen Welcomes New Puppy While Mourning Beloved Frenchie

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are chasing after a new-four-legged friend with floppy ears and big paws! The model and mom took to Instagram to introduce the arrival of the newest member of her family, a Basset Hound puppy named Pearl. All ears, paws, and whiskers, the newest little one is just too precious.

The adorable puppy joins the family after the death of their cherished French Bulldog, Pippa. In mid-July 2021, Teigen announced 10-year-old Pippa’s passing on Instagram as well, posting a sweet selfie of Pippa and Teigen and sharing, “Our beautiful little Pippa just died in my arms, not long ago.”


Good-Bye to a Dear Friend

Pippa had been part of Teigen and Legend’s lives for the past decade after finding her in Florida when Pippa was just a puppy. On his Instagram, Legend explained he liked to give Pippa a little magnolia in the mouth because of her origins, saying, “We got her near Gainesville, FL so I gave her my best impression of a southern accent whenever I spoke for her.”


Legend and Teigen added Pippa to the family over the Fourth of July holiday in 2011, making her a little sister to Puddy, Legend’s bulldog. Puddy passed away in 2018, but now the doggie duo is together again beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

Teigen wrote on Instagram, “She was a sassy broad – loved her pearl necklace and never took sh– from ANY new dog we brought in.”


Legend said of Pippa, “She was smart, fancy and didn’t take any sh–. She gave us so much joy for 10 years.”

Teigan also expressed her love and appreciation for the sweet dog, sharing, “Thank you for giving us your whole life.”

And though the loss of a good dog breaks the heart, the love of a new friend can help put those pieces back together again and that’s just what Pearl the puppy is doing for the family.

Hello to a Brand-New Chapter

Bring on the floppy ears and puppy kisses because “Pearl has touched down into the Legend/Teigen/Stephens household!”


Teigen grew up with Basset Hounds, so she’s looking forward to the fun to come, sharing, “I can’t wait for John to see this bouncy, no-bones, jello mold of skin grow into the stubborn logs of love I love so much.”


And speaking of John, Teigen admitted that while they all love this flopsy girl, it seems the new baby became a daddy’s girl right away!


“Excited for this new little heart to add love to our home.”

Part of an animal-loving home, Pearl has gained siblings in Penny the French bulldog, Paul/Pablo the English bulldog, poodle Petey, two birds named Jasmine and Aladdin, hamster Peanut Butter, and Sebastian the bearded dragon. Though their home is still feeling the loss of Pippa, new puppy Pearl is helping the Teigen/Legend family keep their eyes on a future that promises lots of “ear magic” and puppy kisses!

Feature Image: @chrissyteigen/Instagram

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