Dana Perino’s Adorable Puppy Hopes To Be The New “America’s Dog”

Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino loves Vizslas. Her first two Vizslas have now passed away, but they were both beloved by America. Perino said goodbye to Henry in 2012 and Jasper in 2021. Jasper’s death came as a shock to everyone, especially since he was nicknamed “America’s Dog.”

Since Jasper’s passing, Perino and her husband have opened their hearts to a new Vizsla puppy named Percy. Right now, Percy is an excited and energetic puppy, but he hopes to eventually be known as the new “America’s Dog.” Yet, it’s a big role to fill. He’ll never replace Jasper, but he can aspire to be as wonderful as his late brother.


A Big Role to Fill

America fell in love with Jasper after his regular appearances on his mom’s show, The Five. Every year on his birthday, the pup made an appearance, and he was better behaved each time. But one day, Jasper wasn’t acting like himself. It was sudden, and he showed minor symptoms, so Perino thought it might be a kidney stone. Sadly, it ended up being cancer all over his body.

On September 4th, 2021, Jasper passed away due to the fast-spreading cancer. He was only nine years old, so he was gone much sooner than Perino had expected. Perino had proudly described Jasper as “America’s Dog” for years, so many people shared her grief after his passing.


“What can you do for us? Love each other. Hold on tight to your loved ones – including all of your pets. And love boldly and fully,” Perino wrote after Jasper’s passing. “Rest In Peace, Jasper. Rest In Peace.”

The World Meets Percy

Perino brought home tiny Percy on November 7th, 2021. Even though it’s fairly soon after Jasper’s death, Perino said she knew that Jasper would want her to be happy and keep enjoying life.


Percy has already made an appearance on The Five, but he squirmed and whined a lot. Being in the spotlight is something he’ll need to get used to. Even though he’s not replacing Jasper, many fans have wondered if he will be called “America’s Dog,” too.

“May I introduce you to Percy – our lovely new puppy. Jasper is so missed – he passed the torch yesterday,” Perino wrote on Instagram.


No matter what Percy’s nickname ends up being, fans will adore him. In reality, all dogs should be called America’s dogs because they’re all so cute and lovable!

What Does “America’s Dog” Really Mean?

Decades before Percy came into this world, “America’s Dog” had a very different meaning. It didn’t apply to a single dog, but instead, it was a term used for a group of dogs. For many years, Pit Bulls were America’s Dogs.

Despite popular belief, the term “Pit Bull” usually describes a group of dogs rather than one specific breed. It’s used for stocky dogs with short hair, such as American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and American Pit Bull Terriers. These dogs were commonly seen in American advertising campaigns alongside red, white, and blue designs.


Today, many people don’t know that Pit Bulls are America’s Dogs. These poor pups often get bad reputations for being “aggressive,” which couldn’t be further from the truth. Many Pit Bull parents work hard to change the breed’s image, but perhaps becoming America’s Dogs once again would help improve their reputation and help them get adopted more often.

All dogs deserve to be called America’s Dogs, especially Jasper and sweet little Percy. But knowing the history of the term might help more dogs get the love they deserve.

Watch an Emotional Tribute to Jasper:

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