Devonte Graham Is The Most Loving Dog Dad You’ve Ever Seen

Devonte Graham is a 26-year-old point guard for the Charlotte Hornets. He’s also the dog dad to German Shepherd Charlotte. It’s a perfect name if you ask me! Charlotte – or Baby Charlotte as he likes to call her – has been winning over hearts on Graham’s social media!

When Graham isn’t busy making 3-pointers, he likes to spend his time cuddling with his fuzzy furbaby. He also works hard honing Charlotte’s athletic ability! The dynamic duo like to play fetch between the first and third floors of their house and throw a ball around their private basketball court.


Cute AND A Good Luck Charm

Baby Charlotte has been a staple in the Charlotte Hornets family since Graham brought her home. Graham brought Charlotte’s dog tag to the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery which proved to be good luck for the team. They were awarded the third overall pick resulting in LaMelo Ball joining the Hornets. Ball later became the 2021 Rookie of the Year!

“Devonte’ Graham says he woke up in a good mood and brought his lucky items. His dog tag and his Kobe Bryant face mask to give the Hornets luck,” WFNZ posted on Twitter.


The bond between Graham and Baby Charlotte is clearly unbreakable. So much so that Graham trusts Charlotte around a pretty impressive sneaker collection! She doesn’t seem to be tempted by the delicious and expensive array of footwear snacks. Even if she were to give in to that temptation, who could be mad at such a precious face? Certainly not her dad!


The Terrible Twos Are Almost Here But Charlotte Is Still Just As Sweet

Baby Charlotte’s second birthday is quickly approaching but we find it hard to believe she could ever be terrible! It’s clear that the last two years have filled Graham and Charlotte’s lives with more love and adventures than they could ever imagine!


Charlotte’s luxurious life has given her the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the finer things in life. Days by the pool, car rides on plush leather seats, and listening to the latest tunes are some of her favorite things.


Charlotte, we hope your next year is even better than the last!

h/t: @WFNZ/Twitter
Featured Photo:@ dtaegraham/Instagram

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