Digby The Trauma Therapy Dog Helped Save A Woman From Taking Her Own Life

A heartbreaking situation was de-escalated with the help of a dedicated trauma therapy dog named Digby. Digby the dog works with the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service in England, offering support to crew members that have been exposed to trauma.

The fire department crew was called to an upsetting scene of a woman standing on a bridge, moments away from taking her own life. Multiple agencies were attempting to speak with the distraught woman in hopes of talking her down, unable to make any progress on their own. It was then that a member of the fire crew thought about Digby and the help that only he could offer.


“Police negotiators were speaking with the woman but the situation was becoming increasingly worrying.” – Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue

Digby has extensive experience in diffusing stressful situations, as his role with the fire department revolves around offering support during upsetting therapy sessions. Digby works side by side with those working through trauma each day, making him more prepared than ever to handle this interaction.

From the moment Digby arrived on the scene, it was clear that he touched a part of the woman’s heart that was tied up in her current turmoil. The woman soon locked eyes with the therapy dog, immediately loosening her stance.


It’s stated that the woman swung her head around to interact with Digby and began to smile at his presence. The fire and rescue team then began to discuss Digby’s role within their department, discussing how much he helps the crew through their own trauma.

“She was asked if she would like to come and meet Digby if she came back over the railings, which we are pleased to say she did. We wish the woman involved all the best in her recovery.” – Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue

Those of us with a treasured dog in our lives know just how much their love can heal our emotional wounds. We are so thankful that Digby could be there to help the woman through such a traumatic moment, and hope she continues to receive support throughout her journey to recovery.


“Huge thanks to Digby’s handler Matt for a superb job today, the training and support he gives Digby every day, and what the duo does for crews who have experienced traumatic situations.” – Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue

Our thoughts are with the woman as she begins to heal, and we send a big thanks to the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue for their quick action.

H/T: wsvn.com
Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/dsfireupdates

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