Dog Alerts Sleeping Dad In Time For Both To Escape Burning Home

If your dog starts frantically barking at you at three in the morning, you may want to resist the urge to tell them to cut it out. Ask one very lucky Orange County resident, who’s extremely grateful his dog Maggie woke him up at twilight one day this week.

When Maggie barked frantically at her dad Joel Rosa while he slept, she likely saved his life. It turned out she was trying to alert him to the flames spreading throughout their home.

Screenshot, WESH

Like a good dog, Maggie didn’t flee in the face of danger. She knew she had to help her person first.

Maggie Knows Time Is Of The Essence

When he first awoke to Maggie’s barking and then heard the flames on the roof, Rosa thought he could stop the fire himself. Unfortunately, it was already too big and out of control. It’s a great thing she woke him when she did.

Screenshot, WESH

The first emergency crews arrived on the scene at 3:23 a.m. By this time, flames had already gone through the roof of the home to the second floor. Lisa McDonald, Orange County Fire Rescue spokesperson, told WESH:

“The fire was through the roof. We worked a defensive fire and were able to knock it down, it did flare back up again.”

McDonald also said the fire department suspects a lightning strike hit the house, causing the flames on the roof. Rosa is lucky Maggie was there to wake him up, she added.

“This is a 7,000 square foot home. It’s a very large home, and it was 80 percent involved with flames. The homeowner should definitely thank his pet for waking him up.”

Screenshot, WESH

It seems that fact is not lost on Rosa, who expressed extreme gratitude for his best friend.

“She’s my hero. I love my dog and, you know, it’s amazing. She saved my life.”

By the time fire crews got the flames under control, part of the roof had collapsed. Who knows what might have happened if not for Maggie’s warnings. Both Rosa and Maggie are safe and well.

You can’t necessarily count on it, but with their powerful noses and ability to wake at a moment’s notice, a dog is great to have around in case of a late-night fire. They’ve even been known to warn their owners about a neighbor’s house on fire, so they make great neighbors too.

Featured Image: Screenshot, WESH

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