Doggone-Good Tips for a Dog Washing Station

Make bath day easier with a dog washing station right at home.

Let’s face it, some dogs stink. For large dogs, it can be challenging to bathe them in a traditional bathroom setting and bathing small dogs? Well, that’s even worse, with pet owners often resorting to the kitchen sink. For many dog owners like myself, bath time at home translates to big backaches, cramped spaces, and lengthy clean-up.

Many dogs do not need to be bathed often, but some dogs like to roll in the mud (let’s be honest, much more offensive things), while others have fur that requires more maintenance. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a dedicated area for dog washing where clean-up is easy, and big splashes are okay? 

For dog owners looking to skip the groomers and have a dog washing station at home other than the tub, here are a few quick tips.

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