Double Amputee Shih Tzu Adopted By Dad With Prosthetic Leg

A sweet rescue Shih Tzu named Chloe, who needed two legs partially amputated, has found a forever home with a family who knows her challenges all too well.

San Diego Police Detective Chappie Hunter, who has a prosthetic leg himself due to a 2013 motorcycle accident, has adopted the 9-year-old dog after fostering her during her recovery. While Chloe is still getting used to her two prosthetic paws, she’s in the best place possible to make a full recovery. 

Image: Provided by San Diego Humane Society

Chloe was originally found back in March by San Diego Humane Society Law Enforcement officers at a home in Mira Mesa, California. She and another dog, named Roxy, had their back paws wrapped with bandages so tightly they cut off the blood flow. Apparently, the former owner was trying to prevent the dogs from licking and scratching their hind legs — but in the process, they suffered severe injuries, and both needed their back paws amputated. 

Over the course of a few months after the amputation, the humane society staff trained Chloe to walk again by using a wheelchair and prosthetic devices. Chloe was then fitted with orthopedic slippers for both of her back legs. 

Image: Provided by San Diego Humane Society

Hunter and his family stepped in right away to foster the dog, who required a lot of extra attention to get used to her prosthetics. After caring for Chloe for three months, the family decided to make it official this week. 

According to the shelter’s officers, after an investigation into the case, they’ve submitted recommendations to the San Diego City Attorney’s Office to formally charge the previous owner. 

Image: Provided by San Diego Humane Society

While it is difficult to train a dog to use prosthetics, Chloe is a major success story for both herself and the San Diego Humane Society. Veterinarian Susan Garity, who works with the rescue, said that this is a feat that the shelter has never taken on before — but they’re more than happy with the outcome. 

“Fitting a dog with prosthetics is quite an involved process and this was a first for San Diego Humane Society,” veterinarian Susan Garity said. “It takes time for the dogs to learn to use them, but our staff is so dedicated and I am so grateful we had our whole organization’s support in giving these sweet dogs a second chance at some normalcy.”

Image: Provided by San Diego Humane Society

 While the pain Chloe faced at her previous home is unimaginable, one thing’s for certain: she hit a home run in finding her forever family with Hunter, who will be by her side every step of the way.


Featured Image: Provided By San Diego Humane Society

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