Elderly Man’s Dogs Team Up To Save Him When He Collapses On A Hike

Because they evolved alongside human beings, dogs are very in tune with our emotions and gestures. They aim to please their people, and they often try to help when they sense we’re in danger.

There’s a reason that the social media challenge “Pretend To Die In Front Of Your Dog” got so popular. This drive dogs have to help a person in distress is one of their most incredible and most adorable traits.


At the end of October 2021, two dogs followed their instincts to protect their elderly human, clearly demonstrating why we love these animals so much.

Teamwork, Strategy, And Love

On October 30th, the 71-year-old man and his two dogs were taking a walk on Braithwaite How. Suddenly, the man suffered a seizure, and he collapsed, becoming unconscious.

The presence of his two dogs, a Black Lab and a Golden Retriever, turned out to be a major blessing. The dogs each took on a different role, with one staying by his person’s side and the other running down the trail for help.

The rescue team, Keswick MRT, shared the man’s story in a post on Instagram:

“A few minutes after passing another walker he had an apparent seizure, collapsed and became unconscious. Incredibly one of his dogs, a black Labrador, ran after the passing walker barking to get her attention and tried to get her to return, which she duly did. She found the other dog, a golden retriever, lying by the unconscious man.”

The woman rang emergency services right away. By the time the rescue team arrived, the man had regained consciousness. The medic assessed him, and he was able to walk down the hill to an awaiting ambulance.


Not only is it an incredible thing that these two dogs made sure their human got the help he needed, but it’s also great that the other walker knew to pay attention to the Lab’s barks. Dogs will often use their voices to alert others to danger, but it’s easy to dismiss that as friendly chatter when you don’t speak dog.

Your Dog Knows

A lot of people attempting to “faint” or “die” in front of their dogs probably found the dog didn’t take much interest. That’s because their noses can detect vital signs, and they definitely know when you’re faking.

Still, they might run over to a faker just to participate in whatever it is you’re doing. Dogs are, after all, inclined to follow our cues. Often the sound of a person in pain or crying actually upsets them, so they might come over to stop it from happening.

If you found yourself in real danger, like this man on an everyday walk did, your dog would be able to tell. They might not know how to help like these smart pups, but they certainly would sense something is wrong.

H/T: Boing Boing
Featured Image: Instagram

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