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Scruffy The Dog is a startup that goes by the following statement:

To help people and their pets live together happily and harmoniously.

    • Empower. Help people understand their dogs more by using language that informs them and encourages them to make the most of our blogs.
    • Respect. Treat readers with the respect they deserve. Put yourself in their shoes, and don’t patronize them. Remember that they have other things to do. Be considerate and inclusive. 
    • Educate. Telling readers what they need to know, not just what we want to say. Give them the exact information they need, along with opportunities to learn more. 
    • Guide.  Our blogs are made to communicate in a friendly and helpful way to guide you into an educational reading experience.
    • Speak truth. Understand Scruffy The Dog’s place in your lives. 

How it all started

Scruffy The Dog is a blog me and my lovely partner decided to start up after the Beirut Port Explosion. Scruffy was at home during that day and I remember the moment I finally arrived home after having to cross down Al Roum Hospital street through a cloud of terrified people shocked walking and coming out of a blown out hospital dripping down blood they them selves don’t understand what’s happening not even where and how they got injured.

Total panic and chaos and I’m trying to reach home hoping I would find scruffy still alive. The ground was a sea of glass and the ambient sounds are elevating strongly I am standing in front of our building. Damaged… As i was walking down I see blood on the floor and as I am going up the stairs all the doors where dispatched I walked into our apartment and the most beautiful sight I was able to get since the second of the explosion. Scruffy was there in the corner on the couch terrified! Shaking and crying… I was finally able to rest and collapse to the reality happening around me…


As a tribute, we decided to start this blog to inform people about how to take care of their dogs specially if they live in cities or apartments. We hope to always entertain you with articles and best programs to help you establish a better understanding of your little loved ones.

Welcome to Scruffy the Dog!
Best of luck

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