Everyone Is Falling In Love With This Mickey Mouse Look-Alike Pup

Almost everyone is aware of the beloved Disney Character Mickey Mouse. With his jolly personality and signature look, there is only one thing cuter than Mickey Mouse himself… a canine Mickey Mouse look-alike!

An adorable pup named Goma has captured the hearts of dog lovers around the world. Her fluffy gray ears stand tall and proud, bearing a striking resemblance to the well-known mouse cartoon.

Not only are her round ears an incredible sight to see, but she has the entire cute package! Her fur is perfectly fluffy, her outfits are always fashionable, and her personality makes her even more of a treasure.

Goma is a 7-year-old Maltese and Papillon mix. Her Papillon ears teamed up perfectly with her fuzzy Maltese coat, creating a one-of-a-kind pup that stops you in your tracks.

From the moment her fur parent posted her first photo on Instagram, it was clear that a star was born. People couldn’t get enough of this cartoon-like pup, helping her gain a following of over 100,000 adoring fans.

Goma lives in a loving home in Tokyo, Japan, but has now become a worldwide sensation.  She soon took on the label of the “Mickey Mouse Dog” when her pictures went viral, making her an official canine influencer!

The name Goma means ‘sesame’ in Japanese, possibly named for the perfect tan splotches she sports throughout her fur.  Whether you refer to her as Goma or the Mickey Mouse pup, there’s no doubt she will capture your heart from the moment you see her.

We couldn’t choose just one adorable Goma photo to share with you, so we’re here to give you the goods! Here are a few of our favorites, ranging from doggie fashion shows to time spent frolicking through the flowers.

Goma being the true fashionista she is!

Okay, could you ever be mad at that sweet face?

Those ears are so adorable they could stop traffic!

Goma is as dazzling as the field of flowers behind her!

It’s not all runways and Insta modeling. Sometimes it’s just time for a play session!

It’s no wonder this unique pup has gained so much Instagram fame since her internet debut. If you would like to become one of Goma’s many fans, you can follow her adventures here!

H/T: insidethemagic.net
Image Source: marupgoma_c/Insta

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