Family Takes Dog On Epic Road Trip Before She Loses Sight

Sadly, sometimes the most innocent creatures are cursed with the worst luck. But sometimes it’s all about seeing things from another perspective. One Canadian family is doing exactly that.

Kipper is a Chocolate Lab that has one of the most amazing sets of parents in the entire world! You see, Kipper’s dad used to be a stand-up comedian. During one of his skits, Clayton Kroeker would make fun of dog owners and the way they pamper their pups.

“Five years later, I’m the one buying these [dog] sweaters. I’m buying these booties,” he told CBC news. “This dog completely changed my life for the better.”


Kipper’s Family Was Shocked With Their Puppy’s Diagnosis

Clayton and his wife brought Kipper into their family and one little puppy changed their lives. When Kipper was just a year old, she developed an issue with one of her tear ducts. Unfortunately, she began losing her eyesight.

Kipper’s mom and dad didn’t give up on Kipper’s vision. They gave Kipper several tests, a couple of surgeries, and a few months of love and care. Ultimately, they were unable to save her eye so they removed it to prevent further discomfort.


They thought the worst was over. This year, however, Kipper began having a similar issue in her remaining eye. She was left with less than 20% of her vision so her parents were determined to make the most of it.

“We thought, ‘You know what? She’s still got 20 per cent [vision]. She can still see some stuff, so let’s take her on an epic adventure,’” Kroeker said.

What Happened Next Was A Quest To Remember

Kipper and her family loaded up and hit the road! For 10 days, the trio traveled around Canada making stops at dairy farms and other fun places that any dog would love. They made sure to stay outside as much as possible as a COVID precaution but also so Kipper could enjoy the scenery.



Some people may find it excessive to take a 10-day vacation for a dog (and if they do, you don’t need those kinds of people in your life). Kipper’s family doesn’t think it’s excessive – not after what she has done for them. Kipper’s dad even made their own TikTok to commemorate their adventures.

Made a @tiktok_us for it because I’m soft.

— clayton kroeker (@RadioClayton) June 29, 2021

Kipper was planning to become a big sister earlier this year. Tragically, Kipper’s parents suffered a miscarriage. Naturally, they were devastated, but Kipper stepped in to try to cheer them up.



“If it wasn’t for our dog, I don’t know where we would have been,” he said. “Our dog was right there during the sad times; pawing our knees, wanting to be in the hugs — just making us feel so much better.”

Kipper’s dad explained that Kipper is more than “just a pet” and instead, she is his best friend. He feels that he can never repay her for helping him and his wife endure one of the darkest periods of their life.


“After this trip, it just proves I have the best dog ever and I’d do anything for her,” he said.

Featured Photo: @BrenleyKroeker/Facebook

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