Fearless Dog Scares Intruding Bears Off His Property

Personally, I would not approach a wild animal, even in my own yard. Dogs, however, are far less removed from their wilder cousins and much less hesitant. If they sense any kind of threat, whether it’s a visit from a neighboring mountain lion or just the Fed Ex truck, many dogs are still wired to bravely protect their territory.

A crazy video went viral on TikTok for showcasing this trait. The video opens with a young black bear climbing up to an apartment porch. TikTok user @hernameisphiladelphia, aka Birdie, films from her apartment one floor above as the bold bear gets up on the support beam.

Birdie tries to warn the pair of bears (another one stands below the deck):

“Guys, a whole a** dog lives there, you’re gonna get in trouble!”

A Dog Defends His Territory

As the bear stands fully on top of the porch railing preparing to venture further onto the balcony, it finally encounters some resistance. Almost on cue, the medium-sized brown dog who lives there runs right up to the bear, barking furiously.

The bear on the railing panics at the sight and sound of this vicious defender and even gets so scared it urinates a little. Meanwhile, its companion down below has already started running off in fear at the sound of barking.

You’d think it might be the other way around! That dog doesn’t care the intruder is a potentially dangerous wild animal. He just wants to defend his home and family.


Those bears might think twice before scaling this particular beam again. In reality, that’s probably a good thing, as getting too comfortable with humans can be harmful to wild animals.

Watch the entire amazing video on TikTok!

Residential Areas Where Dogs Live And Bears Frequent

This kind of doggie defense happens frequently in residential areas that also remain home to wild animals. It may seem scary to those who don’t live in these environments. Though still wild animals, bears have learned to adjust to living alongside humanity.

In a different TikTok video, New Jersey resident Birdie explains:

“Black bears are huge here. I have been around multiple families of them growing up. I’ve seen many different generations of cubs, even. I’ve grown up around these guys my whole life, so I’m really familiar and comfortable with them.”

Of course as someone who shares a habitat with coyotes and mountain lions, I understand the fear. They are, after all, wild animals, and thus unpredictable. In general, it’s probably best to keep your dog indoors or under supervision outside. As this video indicates, some wild animals can still climb into enclosed or elevated backyards.

Still, you must admire the confidence this dog had in going up against some bears to defend his territory.

H/T: Newsweek
Featured Image: @hernameisphiladelphia/TikTok

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