Filthy, Freezing Stray Is Completely Transformed By Her Rescuers’ Love

An animal lover named Valinda Cortez stumbled across a pitiful sight when visiting a local convenience store. Standing in the freezing rain was a drenched and terrified pup, broken from the realization of being left alone.

Once Valinda stepped out of her car, she locked eyes with an abandoned pup standing alone in the parking lot. The poor dog was soaking wet, shivering, covered in matted fur, and appeared to have discharge coming from her eyes.


Not only was she dealing with the discomfort of standing in the freezing rain, but she also had a painful cut on her leg. Valinda knew she could not walk away from an animal in need, so she quickly jumped into action and developed a rescue plan.

“When I got out of the car, my heart sank,” Cortez said. “This poor baby had been out in the rain and cold for a long time. She was freezing.”

Valinda immediately wrapped a warm blanket around the shivering pup, and contacted a fellow animal rescuer named Sue to help. Valinda and Sue coaxed the broken pup into the car with beef jerky and dog food, finally convincing their new furry friend to hop in. The two then drove to their local animal shelter with their newest rescue in tow, ready to offer her relief from her painful reality.


Once she made it to the shelter, the pitiful pup was cleaned up, allowing her coat’s true beauty to shine through. Not only had the rain and mud hidden her true appearance, but her heartbreaking situation concealed her loving personality as well. After being lovingly named Cassie, the previously broken pup began to blossom.


“Humans had let her down but hopefully the food, warm blanket and love I gave her will restore her faith in humans.” – Valinda Cortez

Cassie immediately put her past experiences behind her and captured the hearts of every person lucky enough to meet her. She quickly became a shelter favorite, inspiring the team to find her the special home she always deserved. After about a month of TLC, Cassie was ready to meet her forever family.

A dog lover named Karen came across Cassie’s story and immediately fell in love. Cassie reminded her of a beloved dog from her past, and she knew she had to be the one to offer her a beautiful future. From the moment Karen and Cassie met, it was clear that they were going to be the center of each other’s world.


Karen is now dedicated to showing Cassie just how wonderful life can be, and Cassie is loving every moment of it. We are so grateful to Valinda for saving the broken pup on that sad day, and we know Cassie will have a beautiful life because of it!

Image Source: AshevilleHumaneSociety/FB

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