Fleeing Robbers Horrifically Drag Woman And Her Dog Down The Street

It’s a sad truth that crime doesn’t care if you’re just trying to take your dog for a walk. An aggravated robbery on a Houston sidewalk shortly after sun down last month proves that.

On September 25th, 2021 at 7:19 p.m. in the Houston Heights neighborhood of the Texas city, a woman and her dog were taking a stroll past a gas station. Suddenly, a red car screeched to a halt and a man with a weapon got out, ran right up to them, and demanded her purse.


As the man tried to run back to the car to flee, the woman got caught on the passenger door. Both she and her dog were then dragged down the street while the car peeled away. Eventually, the thieves pushed her off, breaking her arm in the process.


Houston police released the disturbing video of the assault and robbery in October. They uploaded it to YouTube in the hopes the public may be able to identify the suspects, but be wary, the footage is a bit upsetting to watch.

Caught On Film But Not Identified

The camera that captured the video is situated across from the gas station where the assault and robbery occurred. In it, you can see the woman and her dog, on a leash, crossing the sidewalk.


Then a red four-door Chevrolet HHR pulls up to the corner, and a man gets out of the back. Police describe the individual as a Hispanic male, “thin build, black pants, and multicolored jacket.”


If you’re reading this and you happen to have any information about this particular crime, contact Crime Stoppers of Houston directly. You can remain anonymous by calling 713-222-TIPS (8477,) and you can also submit a tip online through the Crime Stoppers mobile app or at www.crime-stoppers.org.

Any information leading to a charge or arrest could earn you up to $5,000. Most importantly, you could help ensure these suspects receive the punishment they deserve.

The entire video is below. Viewer discretion advised!

The internet will be the internet, so naturally, some commenters accused the woman on tape of putting her life and her dog’s life at risk for property. However, there was no indication or confirmation from police that that’s how she got caught on the vehicle.

The victim of this robbery likely maintained her grip on the dog’s leash both out of shock and instinct to protect her dog. Another possibility is that the leash was somehow attached to her or the bag. Either way, it’s lucky both the woman and the dog came out of the scary incident alive.

Follow the Houston Police Robber page for any updates.

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Featured Image: YouTube

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