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Is COVID vaccination good or bad? Only time will tell…

A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation with one of my relatives whose husband is a cardiologist. Before this conversation, I was not aware that mRNA Covid vaccines have been causing myocarditis, which is an inflammation of the cardiac muscle, predominantly in younger people.

The number of patients he had seen has been high and concerning to him, enough for him to decide not to get vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine, and the chief of the cardiology department felt the same way.

Hearing this made me feel quite concerned because these experts are not usually opposed to vaccinations.

Whenever I touch upon the topic of human health,

some people in our community object, and say that I should leave the topic of human health alone, but as a veterinarian, I believe that I have a sufficient level of expertise to feel comfortable expressing my opinion. Perhaps sharing my thoughts will help you with the process of making any health related decisions for yourself, and not just ones about vaccination.

The conversation with my relative prompted me to look into the situation further, because of my personal interest and experience in vaccine safety, but also from the standpoint of medical ethics, which I have been focusing on for some time.

While searching for data and information I came across an article written by Dr. Robert Malone, the original inventor of the mRNA vaccine, who is a vaccine expert and advocate.

Dr. Malone, thanks to his conscience, has openly spoken about the challenges medical doctors are having with reporting cases of post-vaccination myocarditis they have seen in their practice. These cases were reported through the appropriate channels within Canada, yet they have been dismissed by authorities as not being related or attributed to the vaccine, without performing any proper investigation.

This reminds me of a situation I was in more than 20 years ago,

when I reported seeing several cases of hemorrhagic colitis after giving non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to dogs. My concerns were dismissed as “coincidental”, until a year later when the authorities and the manufacturer released a statement about NSAIDs having caused the exact same symptoms I had seen in my practice.

I will not delve any further into the details of the mRNA vaccine causing myocarditis.

There is plenty of evidence of the risk, and further inquiry and caution is needed.

I trust that I do not need to emphasize that not all entities in healthcare act in our best interests. Healthcare is a big business, and multi-national corporations work closely with government lobbyists to form and mold the laws in their favour.

They also do so with the intention of suppressing and discrediting those who try to take a more sensible and less drug-oriented approach to healthcare by including different modalities.

Frankly, the information about mRNA vaccine side-effects doesn’t surprise me, because it was launched as an experimental vaccine with an emergency release permit.

Perhaps it may surprise you that I am neither for nor against COVID vaccination, because I do not know what the right answer is.

It may be bad, it may be good, only time will tell.

I am, however, categorically opposed to turning those who decide not to get vaccinated into second class citizens, and shaming them for making the best decision they can for themselves and their children, the same way others decide to get vaccinated.

In a democracy, we call this freedom of choice

As a medical professional I do not understand the argument that not getting vaccinated threatens the health of others.

I have heard similar arguments made within veterinary medicine, for example around the kennel cough vaccine, but it never made any sense to me. If people decide to vaccinate their dogs, shouldn’t their dogs be protected and out of danger from those that are not vaccinated?

This should also be the case with the COVID vaccine. Those who are vaccinated should be protected if the vaccine works, and do not need to be concerned about those who choose not to get vaccinated.

Nobody can deny that the COVID-19 vaccine is, at best, a well intended “emergency” experiment, but it is also without a doubt a multi-billion dollar business.

Medical experiments are necessary in order to achieve progress in medicine, but every official medical experiment on humans requires consent, and disclosure of the risks involved, which is generally not being done at the time of vaccination.

People should be free to decide whether they want to take part in this experiment, and should not be shamed or limited on the basis of their participation.

I am not writing this piece with the intent of adding to the pile of disturbing news you may encounter every day, instead I hope to contribute to your peace of mind, and here is how:

I am a big believer in karma and integrity. I believe that those who live life truthfully usually end up better off than those who lie, or conceal information for the sake of monetary gains, power, and dominance. They can try to manipulate the world, but such manipulation is rarely sustainable. After all, do you know of any dictators in history whose lives ended well?

Things are starting to shift, and as an optimist I believe that everything will sort itself out. I also dare to predict that freedom of choice will remain, and continue to be at the core of democracy.

And remember, whenever you’re unsure, stay still and see what happens.

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