Frustrated Roommate Abandons Puppy In Arizona Desert

Summers in Arizona can be too hot for dogs to enjoy a walk outside, let alone more than a day in the heat. But a puppy named Buddy has been missing in an Arizona desert for about a month now, and it’s all because of one person’s frustration.

Like most puppies, Buddy caused trouble, but he was working on training. Yet, his family’s roommate couldn’t handle it anymore, so he chose the worst possible solution. The roommate drove the dog to a desert and abandoned him there. The family has been searching for the innocent puppy ever since.

Image: Vanessa Mendez Facebook

Roommate Goes Too Far

Buddy, the 10-month-old Catahoula Leopard Dog and Anatolian Shepherd mix, is like a baby to Vanessa Mendez and her husband. But like all puppies, he caused plenty of mischief. He would chew on things he wasn’t supposed to and have the occasional accident, but Mendez was working on training him. Unfortunately, her roommate wasn’t quite as patient.

“I think the last straw was Buddy going inside of his room and chewing on some of his things and also peeing,” said Mendez.

Image: Vanessa Mendez Facebook

One day, when the couple was at a friend’s house, the unthinkable happened. Buddy didn’t run to greet them when they got home, and the roommate wasn’t phased. When Mendez asked where the puppy was, he said he thought he was with Mendez. Then, Mendez noticed that the back gate was open, so the roommate helped the couple search the neighborhood for Buddy.

But then, another roommate told Mendez that the roommate helping them wasn’t so innocent. He had planned to abandon the puppy in a nearby desert. Surveillance videos outside show the roommate getting into a car that day with an animal’s silhouette in the passenger seat.

Image: Vanessa Mendez Facebook

Bring Buddy Home

Buddy is still missing about a month after the incident. When questioned by the police, the roommate admitted to abandoning the dog. He said he left Buddy near Mile Post 4 and New River Road, about 30 miles away. It was 114 degrees Fahrenheit that day.

Mendez cannot believe he would do such a thing. They had known each other for ten years. The roommate hasn’t been named publicly because charges are still being reviewed.

“I was absolutely speechless. At first, I did not want to believe it,” Mendez said.

Image: Vanessa Mendez Facebook

Mendez has been working with Humane Animal Rescue and Trapping Team (HARTT) to help capture Buddy. They’ve set out feeding stations and traps. Since he’s in “survival mode,” he should not be chased, even by his humans. HARTT is confident that they can bring him home, especially since they’ve found dogs missing for much longer in the past.

While living with a roommate’s dog can be frustrating at times, there is no excuse for this man’s cruel actions. Puppies need lots of training and patience, and they shouldn’t be punished for not learning skills as quickly. Poor Buddy is likely terrified, so hopefully, he can return to a loving home as soon as possible!

Image: Vanessa Mendez Facebook

Featured Image: Vanessa Mendez Facebook

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