Funeral Home Gives New Canine Employee Her Own Condo

Soxman Funeral Home in Pennsylvania recently welcomed a unique employee to the team. Lilo is a three-year-old Labrador Retriever, but she plays an important role at the facility. She’s the funeral home’s permanent bereavement care dog, so she provides comfort to humans during times of grief.

Not only does this adorable canine get to cuddle with humans all day, she also gets lots of benefits with her job. She has plenty of space to herself at the office, including her own small condo on the second floor. She’s such a good employee, and she has what many dogs would consider a dream job.

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Welcome to the Team, Lilo!

Lilo began her first day at the funeral home on her birthday. To her, it probably seemed like the greatest birthday present in the world. She has been working with the owners, Anna Nesbit and Brian Soxman for the past year, and now she’s finally ready to get to work.

Lilo came from a litter of eight Lab puppies, all of which have gone on to do other incredible things. Some of her littermates now work in roles like seizure detection and autism support. Nesbit and Soxman picked Lilo for the role because of her calm and sweet disposition. The pup has the perfect temperament for comforting those who are mourning.

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“She just has a way of bringing some warmth to a really sad time. She just looks up at you with those eyes and the families take that all in and you just watch them take a sigh of relief,” Nesbit said.

There are a lot of perks for Lilo at her new job. She has her own setup at the funeral home’s office, along with her own condo space on the second floor. When she’s not at work, she takes turns staying with Nesbit’s family and Soxman’s family. So, this lucky pup has three different places to call home!

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Lilo is Working Hard

Lilo has already used her skills to help many people during dark times. Clyde Boyd is grateful that Lilo was there to help him during the preparations for his mother’s funeral. Agnes Boyd was 95 years old when she passed, and many family members came to the service. Lilo helped provide them with the comfort they needed.

Image: @SoxmanFuneralHome/Facebook

“The part I really noticed was the great-grandchildren, they were very nervous and it was the first time they ever experienced anything like that, and she definitely made a difference, loosening them up, letting them be themselves,” Clyde said.

Nesbit and Soxman are overjoyed to have Lilo as part of their team. Her role is something that you don’t often see, so people are grateful for her presence. She’s there to greet humans and make them feel comforted throughout the entire process. Moments of mourning are the best times to have a loving dog by your side.

Featured Image: @SoxmanFuneralHome/Facebook

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