Game Of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke Bakes A Cake For Her Dog’s 2nd Birthday

Okay, hands up if you do a whole thing for your dog’s birthday. Are all our hands up? Yes, I thought so. There’s no reason a dog’s birthday can’t be as big of a to-do as a person’s, am I right, fellow dog lovers?

Even Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke subscribes to this philosophy. Her Dachshund Ted recently turned 2-years-old, and the actress baked him a special cake for the occasion, topping the treat with a number 2 candle.


Ted also sported a birthday boy crown and held a stuffed birthday toy in his mouth. Impressively, Clarke managed to snap a photo where Ted’s birthday hat is still atop his head. Posting it to Instagram, Clarke wrote in the caption:

Yes. I am now THIS lady. Baking ain’t just for humans. I mean LOOK AT HIM!”

Ted was then allowed to eat the dog cake once the candle was out.


The actress also used the hashtag #spoilt in her post, but I say every dog deserves this level of birthday attention.

2 Years Of Emilia And Ted

Obviously, Clarke and her dog are so in love, and it’s been that way since the actress adopted the Dachshund as a puppy in 2020. She proudly introduced her new pup to the world in January.

“He just can’t stop. He physically.cannot.stop being the MOST BEAUTIFUL PUPPY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Erryone meet Ted. Super Ted. My new main squeeze. Light of my g*ddamn life. Ready to fill this Instagram feed to bursting whilst still being able to leave room in a teacup.”


True to her own prediction, Clarke has been posting regular Ted updates to her page since that day. The two apparently spent a lot of time cuddling during quarantine.


Ted is also famous now for his love of giving sloppy kisses. In one post, Clarke wrote:

“The 3 stages of Ted’s love language. Licking is introduced at a distance. Zero understanding of human kiss. Screw it gimme your face.”


In May of 2020, Clarke posted photos of her dog digging through a recycling bin, admitting she could never stay mad at him:

“Helping with the recycling, then helping himself to my entire heart. And shoe collection. And laundry. And face. And still I can’t tell him off…”


If you want more updates on this adorable and mischievous little love bug, follow @emilia_clarke on Instagram. Happy 2nd birthday Ted, and here’s to many more years with the “Mother of Dragons” herself.

H/T: People
Featured Image: Instagram

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