Gentle Golden Retriever Adorably Welcomes Tiny Kitten To Her Home

An adorable introduction between a Golden Retriever and a tiny kitten has made its way around the internet. An originally hesitant kitten is now attached to her canine friend’s hip, making their initial introduction even more endearing.

This adorable friendship began when a 4-week-old kitten was found all alone in a field. Her rescuer quickly found the perfect couple to help care for the orphaned kitten. The moment they met the little ball of fluff, they fell in love and decided to keep her!


The couple already had a Golden Retriever at home that has always been good with cats, but they were unsure of how she would react to something so tiny. Thankfully for the animal-loving community online, they recorded the moment Lucy met her new feline buddy.

In the video, you can see their Golden Retriever, Lucy, visibly excited by the sight of a new friend in her home. She happily bounces around the room with glee, waiting for the tiny kitten to join in on the fun. Understandably, the kitten was a bit nervous around a pup about 50 times her size.


The video ends with Lucy gently pawing at her kitten friend and following up with a playful bow to gain the kitten’s trust. The adorable video soon comes to an end, leading many to wonder what happened next.

Thankfully, the couple’s daughter has continued to share the pair’s journey to friendship over the last few weeks.  The kitten has since been named Joey and is absolutely in love with her Golden Retriever bestie.


New TikTok videos show Lucy and Joey cuddling up next to each other, rolling around on the ground playing, and even clips of Joey resting on Lucy’s back. It appears that once Joey decided to let her guard down, she added a loyal companion to her circle.

Golden Retrievers are often just huge bundles of love, but this friendship is truly special. If they have grown this close in just 3 weeks, we can’t wait to see how much their friendship blooms as even more time goes by.


Katie has promised to share as many videos as possible of Lucy and Joey’s growing friendship. With how cute this content has been so far, it’s clear that their journey will be one you won’t want to miss.

We send our thanks to Katie’s parents for saving Joey in her time of need and can’t wait to watch her grow up alongside her best doggie friend.

Image Source: TikTok/Katiesquibb

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