Golden Retriever Charms Humans With His Permanent Cowlick

Alfalfa is a Golden Retriever named after the famous character from The Little Rascals. No one is more deserving of that name than this three-year-old pup. Like the film character, Alfie has a signature cowlick on the top of his head. He’s had it ever since he was a pup. No matter how much you brush it, it always sticks back up.

It’s the cutest characteristic, and it has helped make Alfie a social media star! Now, this Golden Retriever posts lots of TikTok videos, where he proudly shows off his unique hairstyle.

Image: @weratedogs/Instagram

The Cutest Cowlick

Even as a newborn puppy, Alfie had one patch of hair that stood upright on his head. It also looks like a tiny shark fin. As he grew, the cowlick stayed and kept getting cuter. It’s what he’s known for, so his humans would never dare cut it off.

“Alfalfa has always had a cowlick,” said Kate Merrick, Alfie’s mom. “It’s visible in his tiny newborn picture and very prominent in his 6-week pictures. We were worried it would go away as he grew, but he’s grown now and it’s still there.”

Image: @weratedogs/Instagram

Alfie loves to play with every human and dog he meets. Merrick said he loves tennis balls and will chase a ball around the yard all day if you let him. Merrick even made a hole in their fence so he can pass the ball to the neighbors on the other side. Luckily, the neighbors love throwing the ball back over the fence for Alfie in a unique game of fetch.

Alfie has two young human siblings, who he is very gentle around. His family also brought home a new Golden Retriever puppy named Iroh, who Alfie loves to play with. Unfortunately, Iroh doesn’t have a special cowlick like Alfie though.

Alfalfa Will Steal Your Heart!

Once Alfie grew up, Merrick decided to make a TikTok account for him. She said every time she posts a video of the pup, she gets lots of questions about his unique cowlick.

On TikTok, Merrick shares videos of Alfie completing social media trends, doing silly activities, or just going about his everyday routine. Over 50,000 people follow him because he’s so cute! Plus, his silly personality is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

“Alfalfa is a wonderful family dog that brings us so much extra love,” Merrick said. “He keeps us laughing and entertained.”

Alfie wants to show the world that it’s okay to be different. He embraces his unique look and he loves the extra attention it gives him.

For more adorable Alfie videos, check out his TikTok page!

Featured Image: @weratedogs/Instagram

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