Great Dane Survives 60-Foot Fall & 48 Hours In The Wilderness

A Great Dane named Presley found herself in a desperate situation after straying away from her fur mom on a walk. Not only did she get lost in the forest near her home, but she fell down a 60-foot embankment in the process.

Susan Clark and Presley go on daily walks in the forest surrounding their Oregon home. Presley is typically glued to Susan’s side during their outdoor endeavors, but something appeared to have distracted the 100-pound pup on their most recent adventure. Within an instant, Presley was nowhere to be found.


“I turned around and said come on and said come on Presley and she was gone, vanished! I looked and looked and looked everywhere.” – Susan Clark

Susan franticly searched the woods for any sign of her beloved pup and even enlisted the help of friends in the area. With no sign of Presley by nightfall, Susan had no choice but to return home without her Great Dane companion.

A few hours quickly turned into 48 without her best furry friend, leaving Susan at a loss of what to do next. Thankfully for Presley, one of Susan’s neighbors spotted something strange in the distance.


Susan’s neighbor was looking at the land near the bottom of a tall embankment when she spotted something that looked like a dog’s sweater. Unsure of what Presley was wearing on the day she went missing, she quickly reached out to Susan for confirmation.

“The neighbor came up and said is she wearing a coat? I said yeah, she said come with me I want to show you something.” – Susan Clark

Susan ran to the edge of the embankment, focusing on the grey sweater that was hidden amongst the forest. It was then she realized that not only was this Presley’s sweater, but Presley herself was lying at the bottom of the drop. Once Susan began to call out to her pup to confirm that she was alive, Presley immediately barked back.


This area was much too dangerous for Susan and her neighbors to access. Not only were they unable to climb down the steep embankment, but Presley appeared to be seriously injured from the fall. Though she could bark back and wag her tail at the sound of Susan’s voice, she could not stand.

With few options available to rescue a 100-pound injured Great Dane, Susan turned to the help of her local fire department. Westport Fire and Rescue typically sticks to human rescue, but the Chief on duty made an exception for this special pup.

“They said you know we don’t rescue dogs and I begged him to please ask anybody he said okay, came back on the phone and he said what’s the address they’re going to be on their way.” – Susan Clark

Fire and rescue arrived on the scene with a stretcher and a rope in hand. They planned to ascend down the hill, place the injured pup on the stretcher, and slowly carry her back up.


“Utilizing a stokes stretcher and rope, Presley was gently carried back up the hill and into her owner’s vehicle. The operation took about 45 minutes.” – Westport Fire and Rescue

This mission took plenty of patience and strength from everyone involved, but the rescue crew got it achieved in under an hour. Once Presley was safe and loaded up into her fur mom’s care, she was off to the emergency animal hospital for veterinary care.

“Oh my gosh they were amazing and I feel so lucky that they didn’t turn me away and if anybody needed any type of rescue I definitely would call them they’re awesome.” – Susan Clark

Presley did sustain minor injuries from her fall, but she is expected to make a full recovery with the loving care she will receive at home. Presley was even feeling well enough to visit the fire station in the week following her accident, showing the rescue crew just how grateful she is for their help!


We send our thanks to everyone involved in Presley’s impressive rescue, and we are so glad that she’s okay!

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