Guilty-Looking Pit Bull Makes Mess Of House In Adorably Hilarious Video

The whole house was in shambles. But how could you be mad at such a sweet face?

After Saba the pit bull was left home alone, her mom came home to find quite the mess. Saba upturned the garbage can and tossed garbage everywhere around the kitchen and dining room. 

Scraps of paper and food items were strewn across the house — and Saba did indeed look guilty as she peered out from behind a chair. Her mom started filming the adorable pooch.

Image: Screenshot via Saba_the_pit/ Instagram

“What did you do?” Saba’s mom can be heard asking on the video, posted on Instagram. “What is this?”

The dog turns away, seemingly avoiding the question before her mom walks over to zoom in on the pooch’s face. She looks quite sorry for the mess. 

“I can’t stay mad at that face for long…” the video is captioned.

A small tabby cat is also in the frame, meowing at the camera. Is the cat confessing to the mess, or telling on the dog?

Image: Screenshot via Saba_the_pit/ Instagram

The cheeky video was posted back in 2019, but just recently went viral after the Instagram page doggosdoingthings shared it. It now has over 58,000 likes on Instagram. 

People from all over the world flooded the comments section to share their thoughts on the silly footage. 

“How that tail starts going as soon as you look at him!” one Instagram user, annquattrochi, wrote. “He’s so stinking cute! I feel like the cat is trying to warn him with the meows.”

Others on the post were convinced that the cat is to blame for the mess. 

Image: Screenshot via Saba_the_pit/ Instagram

“I’m 100 percent sure the cat did it, and now that poor pitty is getting the blame,” another user commented. “That’s what the cat was meowing: ‘I’m going to blame you while sitting here meowing innocently! Hahahaha.’”

While no one can be sure who in fact is responsible for the mess, it’s clear that someone was up to no good. Others on the post offered some advice to try and help the pet mom with her dog’s unwelcome behavior. 

Sometimes, destructive behavior like knocking over garbage cans can be a sign of anxiety in pets. Separation anxiety is very common, especially in dogs, but can be alleviated with the help of toys or bones while the pet parent is away. 

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“When you leave him alone, he’s probably anxious, don’t grumble him,” another commenter posted. “You can try giving him a raw bone or something he can munch on!”

H/T: Newsweek

Featured Image: Saba_the_pit/ Instagram

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