Happy 6th Birthday To Jennifer Garner’s Dog Birdie!

We all know that celebrating our dogs’ birthdays is mostly for our benefit. They don’t really know the difference between us singing “Happy Birthday” at them and us singing to them on any other day. (Oh, do you not do that? I sing to my dog.) At the very least, though, they can enjoy a tasty birthday-themed treat.

For her dog Birdie’s sixth birthday, 13 Going On 30 star Jennifer Garner made a special heart-shaped doggie-safe cake. She posted a video to Instagram preparing the treat and singing to the Golden Retriever, who was eagerly awaiting her snack.


Lighting the ceremonial birthday candle, Garner joked: “It’s Covid, so you can’t really blow.” Birdie obviously wasn’t hearing that, as all she could see and smell was delicious “cake.”


Garner laughed at Birdie’s obvious excitement, stating: “Look at her drooling!” This six-year-old proves that aging doesn’t necessarily make you more patient.

It’s so cute to see the Yes Day actress getting real and lovey-dovey over her beautiful dog. In the same video, Garner also participated in several viral dog “challenges,” like the “Hide From Your Dog In Plain Sight Challenge” and the “Gasp At Your Dog Challenge.”

Obviously, no amount of fame and success has changed Garner’s love for animals. She has a cat named Moose as well, who has also featured in videos.


Birdie shows up often on Garner’s Instagram, and it’s so clear why. She’s even cosplayed as her mom – well, her mom’s acting roles. I personally would prefer the dog version of Alias.


Birthday Love For Birdie

Jennifer Garner has 10.8 million followers on Instagram, and the birthday video she shared for Birdie was viewed over 3.8 million times. People jumped into the comments to wish the Golden Retriever a happy day, including some famous ones:

“Crying. Hbd Birdie !!!!!!” – @arianagrande via Instagram

“This is the sweetest thing.” – @mindykaling via Instagram

Other fans of Garner (and Birdie) also offered some happy wishes:

This is the happiest thing on the internet today and I just love you for it.” -@jerich75 via Instagram

As if JG isn’t cute enough… she has a gorgeous Golden and a homemade birthday cookie.” – @sarah8ng via Instagram

Happy 6th birthday, Birdie! I hope to see many more of these videos in the future.

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H/T: Daily Mail
Featured Image: @jennifer.garner/Instagram

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