Have You Heard Of “Nature’s Benadryl”? It’s Changing How We Think Of Dog Allergies.

Many dogs suffer from allergic reactions, including itching, inflammation, and difficulties breathing. But your pup doesn’t have to keep hurting. There are lots of ingredients that can manage allergy symptoms. Quercetin for dogs is just one of the many additives that can make allergy and itch supplements work like magic.

iHeartDogs’ Happy, Healthy™ Allergy & Itch Relief for Dogs uses quercetin and many other beneficial ingredients to fight dog allergy symptoms. So, if your dog won’t stop itching, it’s time for you to help. Consider a quercetin product to help your furry friend heal.

What is Quercetin for Dogs?

Quercetin is a flavonoid derived from plants. You’ll find it naturally in many fruits and vegetables, and it generally gives pigment. That’s why it’s usually found in brightly colored foods.

Kale, blueberries, and broccoli are just some healthy foods that contain quercetin. Yet, foods like onions, grapes, and red wine also have it. But don’t forget that the latter are toxic foods for dogs. So, just because something has this flavonoid in it doesn’t guarantee that it’s healthy or safe.

This ingredient is often called “Nature’s Benadryl” because it’s known for reducing allergy symptoms in dogs.

How Does it Work?

Quercetin has anti-oxidant, anti-histamine, and anti-inflammatory properties. Allergic reactions in dogs are caused when histamines are released into the body. If your dog comes into contact with an allergen, then the body releases histamines. Histamines cause reactions like itchiness, irritation, and inflammation.

But quercetin can minimize histamine production. Fewer histamines mean less itchiness. So, this ingredient can help moderate and suppress annoying allergic reactions. It can also suppress other cellular activity related to inflammation. Thus, quercetin lives up to its nickname.

Benefits of Quercetin for Dogs

The main benefit of quercetin for dogs is allergy relief. With a quercetin supplement, your dog can say goodbye to that annoying itching and scratching. But as it turns out, quercetin might have other added benefits for your furry friend.

Quercetin can also help dogs with breathing problems. When dogs have an asthma attack or similar breathing problems, leukotrienes are released with histamines. Quercetin can also inhibit leukotrienes, making respiratory problems less severe.

Also, quercetin could have cancer-fighting properties too! Cancer often feeds off of low-grade inflammation. So, by soothing inflammation in your dog’s body, this ingredient could also help prevent cancer. It can decrease the blood flow in cancer cells to get rid of them. Quercetin could even be linked to bone health, heart health, and weight reduction.

How to Serve Quercetin to Your Canine Companion

Your pet can get quercetin from some fruits and vegetables, but you’ll need to make sure you only choose safe ones. Apples, blueberries, kale, and broccoli are just some good examples. Yet, there’s an even easier way to ensure your dog’s diet contains enough quercetin.

The iHeartDogs Happy, Healthy™ Allergy & Itch Relief for Dogs uses quercetin as one of the active ingredients. The quercetin paired with colostrum, reishi mushrooms, and other beneficial items provides the perfect allergy relief for dogs.

Are you having a hard time relieving your dog’s allergic reactions? Quercetin for dogs is like “Nature’s Benadryl.” At iHeartDogs, we rely on a team of researchers and veterinarians to select the best allergy relief ingredients possible. So, we recommend Happy, Healthy™ Allergy & Itch Relief for Dogs as a quercetin supplement that can relieve itching, inflammation, and so much more!

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