Heartbreaking Video Shows Dog Staying By Human’s Side Until The Very End

Most dogs love to follow their loved ones around every chance they get. It makes us wonder how our dogs would react if they ever had to say goodbye for good. While most dogs pass away well before their humans do, some dogs have to face the heartbreaking loss of a loved one.

A small, scruffy dog named Bumer recently lost his human who meant the world to him. Yet, he didn’t let his grief stop him from being there for her. After she passed, he continued to stay by her side for as long as possible. He wanted to ensure that his favorite person in the world got a proper send-off.


Struggling to Say Goodbye

Maria Isabel Benites Chamba passed away in August 2021 at age 95. Bumer lived with Chamba in Ecuador, and he always stuck by her side through every up and down in life. So, when all of Chamba’s family and friends gathered for her funeral, Bumer tagged along.

The funeral took place at Funeraria Santa Rosa. The whole time, Bumer sat beside his mom’s casket as if he could sense that she was still close by.

“You could see the loyalty and affection that existed between her and her dog,” a spokesperson for the funeral home said. “He was always there with his owner.”


After the funeral, a hearse brought Chamba’s coffin to the cemetery. While everyone else followed behind the open vehicle, Bumer decided that he needed a special spot. He wanted to ensure that he stayed with his best friend until the very end.

Sympathizing with a Mourning Dog

During the procession, Bumer rode in the hearse beside his mom’s coffin. Someone recorded a video of him sitting there as the car slowly moved to the burial spot. In the video, he sits there patiently, determined not to leave his loved one alone.

“He circled the hearse before hopping aboard as if to say, ‘I want to go and say goodbye to my mom,’” the funeral home spokesperson said. “A tremendous example of loyalty.”


Bumer was heartbroken after his mom was gone, but his love for her will live on forever. According to someone from the funeral home, the pup is doing well despite everything he has been through. He is being cared for by Chamba’s family members, so he won’t have to worry about being lonely.

Watch the Heartbreaking Footage Here:

H/T: thedodo.com
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