Heartbroken Dog In Critical Condition Finds Hope After Being Tied To Pole

Even amid the holiday season, animal rescue workers don’t get a break. Sadly, many organizations have seen an increase in animal abuse and neglect cases. Angels of Assisi in Roanoke, Virginia, has rescued seven neglected dogs in the past month. The most recent canine is in one of the worst conditions they’ve seen.

A large white dog now known as Luna was found tied to a pole in critical condition. Even after lots of care, she’s still struggling to do everyday things like walk. Yet, Angels of Assisi is determined to improve her quality of life as much as possible.


Second Chance at Life

Someone brought Luna to Roanoke Animal Control after finding her tied to a pole at a park. Angels of Assisi quickly agreed to take her in. She was extremely emaciated, with all her rib bones protruding outward. After further inspection, they found that Luna is suffering from Lyme disease, which is impacting her kidney function.

“We don’t know how anyone could leave her, especially in this horrific condition, but we will do everything we can to help her heal,” Angels of Assisi wrote on Facebook.


The shelter put Luna on IV fluids to help her kidneys, along with some antibiotics. After a day of medical care and nurturing, Luna is still in critical condition, but she’s showing small improvements. She can’t walk more than a short distance without help, but she was able to go outside to use the bathroom.

Luna Isn’t Alone

Angels of Assisi is hopeful that Luna will make a full recovery. They plan to share updates on her every step of the way. Sadly, as tragic as Luna’s story is, she’s not alone. Even at just one organization, many neglected dogs are begging for help.


Earlier in the month, rescue staff cared for a neglected dog named Jessi, who had a severe skin condition. They also took in an emaciated dog named Charlotte and four flea-infested puppies, who all came from the same living situation. All of them are making promising recoveries, just like Luna.

Officials said that no one has been charged for Luna’s neglect yet. They don’t have any leads at this time, and they need to wait to find out more about the situation.


“We do have to wait, to a certain extent, on the outcome of the dog’s health,” said Caitlyn Cline from the Roanoke Police Department.

Donations are a crucial part of ensuring these dogs make a full recovery. So, if you’d like to support Luna and many dogs like her, consider donating to Angels of Assisi. Even small donations could help save a dog’s life.


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