Heroes Work Together To Save Terrified Dog Stranded On Buoy

Several people spotted a Shih Tzu mix wandering around Alamitos Beach in Long Beach, California. However, when they approached the dog, she ran off and jumped into the water. People tried to swim after her, but the pup was determined to get as far away from humans as possible. When she couldn’t swim anymore, she climbed onto a buoy and clung to it for dear life.

Luckily, there were many dog lovers on the shore who couldn’t leave the dog to die. They worked together to find a way to save the dog and give her a second chance at life.


Clinging on For Dear Life

Right away, a group of kind individuals tried to figure out how to help the dog. None of them knew her, but they wanted to keep her safe. One person hopped in a small motorboat while others called animal services for help.

“We all made calls and did the best we could to get the dog out of the water,” said Iulia Vecerdea, who witnessed the rescue. “It appeared that the dog ran away [from something]—we saw [her] getting in the water and swimming away.”

The person in the boat motored to the buoy where the dog was stranded and coaxed her toward him. As he lifted the canine into his boat, lifeguards with the Long Beach Fire Department arrived. They drove a larger boat out toward the dog and the rescuer.


Video footage shows both boats driving back to shore. The dog stayed in the smaller boat since she seemed less scared of the man who saved her. However, he said he’d never met the dog before. He just wanted to make sure she survived.

Safe on Shore

When the boat arrived at the shore, the dog was damp and shivering but seemed healthy otherwise. LBFD Marine Safety Chief Gonzalo Medina couldn’t believe that the little dog had such great stamina. He suggested Flipper as a name for her, but animal services decided to call her Siren instead.

“She was a really good swimmer!” Medina said. “She was several hundred yards offshore. We’d gotten the call [from one of the rescuers] and dispatched a rescue boat and lifeguard.”


Long Beach Animal Care Services is currently caring for the dog. They will hold her for four days, but she will be put up for adoption if no one claims her. They think she is about two years old, but not spayed. She was also wearing a gray sweater that reads, “Ain’t no mama like the one I got.”

For more information on Siren, visit the lost and found dog’s page. Even if no one claims her, she’ll still find a loving family to care for her, thanks to all the wonderful people who helped save her.

Watch the Rescue Video Here:

H/T: lbpost.com
Featured Image: screenshots, lbpost.com

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