How to Name A Dog

Skip the arguments with a new dog-naming app

Choosing dog names can be a source of conflict for couples. It’s not so bad if you like Jack and your partner wants to go with Jake, or if one of you likes Wren and the other likes Robin. Common ground may even exist when the choices are between Bogey and Divot or perhaps Inverse and Vector. But what if one person’s top choice is Killer or Gamora and the other has their heart set on Baby or Zoe? Those differences can be harder to resolve.

Enter Dogname, a new app that helps people choose (with minimal wrangling) the perfect name for their dog. Each of the app’s 30,000 names is listed with its meaning and origin, and users go through as many of the listings as they want, swiping right if they like the name and left if they don’t. The names that both people like are saved as matches, facilitating the choice of a mutually acceptable moniker.

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