Hulk Hogan Says Heartbreaking Goodbye To One Of His Beloved Chihuahuas

Hulk Hogan stands at 6’7” and tips the scales at 300 pounds. What’s even bigger than his biceps is his heart for dogs. The iconic mustache-wearing wrestler is the dog dad to a couple of tiny Chihuahuas that he loves with all of his giant heart.

Sadly, one of the Hulkster’s best buds recently passed away. The death of his little dog Duke shattered his tender soul.

“I am so sad,” he wrote. “My loyal dog Duke just passed. I love you, Duke.”


Fans And Dog Lovers Around The World Are Offering Their Support

Hulk Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, may be known around the world for his professional wrestling career (and that brief reality TV stint), but now he’s getting support from fans who share in his grief.

The post has received over 850 comments from people showing their love.

“Hey Hulkster, condolences for your loss of ur pet dog Duke. Loved seeing him on TV with you. May he RIP in doggy heaven,” said one commenter. “We all feel you,” said another.



Hulk’s love for little pups stretches far back. Back in 2007, there was an episode of Hogan Knows Best that was Titled “The Canine Mutiny.” In this episode, the family felt that their dogs were having difficulty adjusting to the family’s move from Clearwater to Miami. In an attempt to help them cope, Hulk’s then-wife Linda brought in an assortment of pet therapists and pet psychics to help.

If You Thought His Love For His Dogs Was Cute, Wait Until You Hear Their Names

Hulk Hogan isn’t afraid for others to see his softer side when it comes to his fur babies. He’s said in the past that people would “freak out” when they’d see him walking his Chihuahuas named Pebbles and Pumpkin Spice.

He’s quick to point out that you should never underestimate the underdog.

“Pumpkin Spice is the smallest but toughest of all my chihuahuas. That’s why she’s the real champ.”

The gentle giant even has quite the humorous side, especially when his four-legged friends are involved. He’s referred to Duke as his training partner in the past. Hulk has even tried his hands at Photoshop to give Pumpkin Spice a mustache just like dad. Hulk: If you’re reading this, stick to wrestling!


Then there’s this gem that shows Hulk’s bodyguard is probably one you don’t want to take on. Or maybe you do because she’s so frickin’ cute!


It’s clear how much these dogs mean to him and how much his heart must be aching. We hope that Duke is enjoying lots of treats and sunny days over the Rainbow Bridge.

h/t: @HulkHogan/Twitter

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