Instagram Model Who Stomped On Her Dog Avoids Jail Time

Punishment for animal abusers ultimately rests with the judge on the case. Still, with how far and wide things can circulate on the internet, these criminals often get their comeuppance in other ways too. That’s what’s fueling angry animal lovers after a woman arrested for a 2017 abuse incident received a less-than-severe sentence.

Keevonna Wilson initially pled not guilty, but later accepted a plea deal. In the end, the judge gave Wilson four years probation, community service, and ordered her to pay just under $600 in court fees. In other words, she avoided jail time for her crime.

MA Milian via YouTube

Outside of court, the 26-year-old Instagram model, who goes by “Flawless” or “Flawless World” on social media, faced the fury of animal lovers and advocates worldwide after a video of the abuse resurfaced.

The 2017 Abuse Incident

The reason Wilson saw trial in the first place is thanks to an elevator security camera in the Miami area condo building where she resided. CCTV cameras captured her abusing her dog at around 1 am in September of 2017.

In the security video, you can clearly see Chastity, a then 18-month-old Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix, run frightened into the elevator. Wilson chases the little dog into the corner and begins stomping on her with her foot.


MA Milian via YouTube

When given a moment, Chastity trots apprehensively over to the other side of the elevator, where she receives even more kicks. The already devastating video ends on a heartbreaking note, with Chastity exiting the elevator after her owner but not wanting to follow right away.

MA Milian via YouTube

Later, someone reported that a dog had defecated in the building, so security reviewed the CCTV and saw this footage. They then turned the horrifying video over to the police.

Upon Wilson’s arrest, Miami-Dade Animal Services seized Chastity. Fortunately, after inspection, they were able to determine she was not severely injured. She did, however, suffer emotional damages, wincing at the people trying to hold her.

Image via The Smoking Gun

Following Wilson’s Arrest

It didn’t take long after her arrest for Wilson to be let out on a $5000 bond. Initially, she issued an apology before deleting her Instagram account. She explained that she was taking anger management classes, writing:

“I should’ve never allow[ed] my anger issues to dictate how I would treat my own defenseless dog. I don’t want to make any excuses for my wrongs, I was completely out of line for my actions.”

via Aventura Police

Today, it appears the once deleted account is back and fully functioning as a display of the “Flawless” brand and Wilson’s modeling photos. It even boasts over 67,000 followers (which can equal a lot of income for an influencer.) Whether the lessons she claims to have learned stuck as well remains to be seen. Fortunately, she won’t be seeing Chastity or owning another dog.

Social Media Still Hopes For Justice

Enraged by what they saw, the lack of jail time, and Wilson’s return to a thriving Instagram account, people online hope sponsors and fans of “Flawless” think twice about their support.

“I didn’t know animal abusers have models.” – Maritza Puga via Facebook

If every animal lover out there shares what she’s done n spams her every post, however unrelated, about her abusing her puppy, let’s see how many followers remain.” -Yvonne Loh via Facebook

Though Wilson was ordered to pay the $2,795 veterinarian bill to cover the costs of services and treatment for Chastity, many think that falls short. Hopefully, Wilson is really committed to making up for her past, but if not, karma will have some heavy lifting to do.

Featured Image: MA Milian via YouTube

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