Jodi Could Have Been Crippled By Arthritis But YOU Have Been Her Savior

A portion of every purchase you make from is donated to Greater Good Charities. They’re an incredible group of charity partners who help people and pets. It’s because of customers like you that make their mission possible.

When Jodi was found by her rescuers, she was wandering the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma. But lucky for this sweet senior, she wound up in the care of A Lab For Life.

A Lab For Life is a foster-based rescue located in Oklahoma that provides a compassionate lifeline to dogs that have been abandoned and dogs in high-kill shelters.

Luckily, Jodi is quite healthy for a girl her age. While she is a little arthritic in her hips, joint supplements help her manage it so that she can stay her usual sassy, playful self. Because of Greater Good Charities’ GOODS Program, seniors like Jodi can accessGOODS Program, that seniors like Jodi can have access to life-changing joint supplements. 

As our dogs inevitably age, their cartilage becomes worn. So over time, this degenerative process can lead to arthritis. Their once cushy cartilage becomes thin, and this can cause their joints to become painful and inflamed. But even picky pups like Jodi appreciate the supplements they receive.  

“She’s particular about her treats. She’ll promptly spit out anything that doesn’t meet her standards,” says the rescue.

The food they receive, especially the senior food and joint supplements, has allowed A Lab For Life to help so many sweet seniors just like Jodi.

While seniors may start to slow down, it’s important to encourage slow, gentle movement for them to live their best lives and mitigate the effects of arthritis. Many shelters with seniors are so grateful for the GOODS Program. Their budgets don’t always allow for things like specialized food and supplements. But the GOODS Program makes it possible for them to provide personalized care.

Not only are they thankful for the goods themselves, but they’re also grateful for YOU! Every purchase of select products goes to fund the GOODS Program. So sweet seniors have you to thank for their tasty food and life-changing joint supplements. So thank YOU!

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