Little Girl Raises Money For Dumped One-Eyed Puppy, Teaches Him To Play

A pair of dogs were dumped due to their health conditions. One of the pups they later called Puddles, was missing an eye. He was so afraid that he hid himself up against a building. Prue, a rescuer with Mission Paws’ible, didn’t even see him, but she heard his grumbles. She did her best to try and lure him out. But the poor puppy was blind in one eye, and the other dog was deaf.


Prue believed that the larger dog, later named Storm, was the puppy’s mama. It seemed they once had a home but were dumped by the river by the family they trusted. The volunteers put both dogs in a crate, where they snuggled up together, and brought them back to Prue’s house.


Tara, the director of Mission Paws’ible USA, went to work immediately to get the dogs back to the States. Her young daughter, Raven, raised money to help with their expenses. She wanted to foster the doggies so badly! Mom surprised her with the pair and the little girl was elated.


Storm quickly found her forever family. But Puddles still awaits his. Raven has taught him how to play and there’s no stopping him now! If you’re interested in adopting Puddles or other dogs available through Mission Paws’ible, please visit their site by clicking here.

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