Lost Emotional Support Dog Found In NYC Subway Tunnels

Lucy is a rescue dog and emotional support animal who shares a special connection with her family members. However, she is fearful of strangers, so unfamiliar events can be overwhelming for her. Lucy and her mom, Susan Moore, live in New York, and it’s impossible to avoid new people in such a big city.

Susan’s adult daughter Molly watched Lucy while Susan was in the hospital recovering from an injury. But things went downhill quickly when Lucy escaped and got lost in the big city. Soon, the pup ended up on a subway adventure, which is somewhere she certainly didn’t want to be.

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A Dog on the Subway

Susan rescued Lucy from Puerto Rico about seven years ago. Shortly after, the pup became Susan’s emotional support dog too. The family suspected that Lucy had a history of abuse since she was afraid of new people. The pandemic didn’t help with that since she spent all her time at home with Susan.

So, when Susan went to the hospital to recover from a broken arm and leg, Lucy panicked. She escaped Molly’s apartment in Manhattan. Somehow, Lucy found her way onto an elevator and ended up at the subway station across the busy street. Molly was supposed to visit her mom that day, but instead, she spent all day looking for Lucy. Luckily, many fellow dog lovers were happy to help.

Molly knew that Lucy would be hard to catch since she didn’t trust anyone outside of her family. But people kept reporting sightings, so Molly followed them, trying to catch the dog herself.

Image: Screenshot, abc7ny.com

Police officers joined Molly’s search for the lost dog. They temporarily shut down the subway tracks near where Lucy was seen. Then, they later resumed them, but at a slower pace. Finally, late at night, MTA train service supervisor Jose Bonilla caught the lost canine.

Home at Last

Molly was relieved to be reunited with Lucy again. She said that on the way home, Lucy acted as if nothing had happened. The pup was healthy other than having a broken toenail, which she needed a small cast for. She also needed a well-earned bath.

“We rode the train home, and she sat right next to me like a gentlewoman. She’s tired, and she’s drinking a ton of water,” Molly said. “I’m so thankful for so many people who volunteered to help.”

Image: Screenshot, abc7ny.com

The MTA chief customer officer awarded Bonilla with a certificate of commendation in honor of saving the lost rescue dog. Molly and Lucy met up with Bonilla again as a final thank you. Not long after the event, Lucy reunited with Susan again too. It was a terrifying event for everyone, but at least Lucy is safe at home now.

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Featured Image: Screenshot, abc7ny.com

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